Sewan Belgium is launching its new VDSL offer: automation and service above all!

Sewan Belgium proposes a VDSL offer combining greater management and monitoring autonomy with a local service with its partners, while capitalising on Proximus' network coverage and investments.


From today VDSL  access links will be made available to partners of the B2B operator Sewan. The new high-speed offer (up to 100 Mb/s download) combines the national coverage and quality of the Proximus network with Sewan's expertise in designing management and remote monitoring tools. The VDSL offer is available via Sophia, the operator's platform that allows its partners to benefit from total autonomy in terms of managing the customer base, from ordering to invoicing.

Sophia, the heart and soul of Sewan, is a unique solution designed for indirect and 100% automated sales, which makes it possible to order products and solutions in just a few clicks, automatically invoice customers and parameterize all services.


High quality of service at all times

The VDSL offer, like the entire range of products and services offered by Sewan, benefits from optimal quality thanks to its unique white label model, offering partners :

- Autonomy in the management of eligibility tests and automated ordering procedure, without intermediaries, with deployment of the VDSL in 20 working days

- Auto-provisioning for configuration and delivery of the modem without external intervention (plug & play)

- 24/7 remote monitoring for efficient and proactive network management, thanks to real-time monitoring of connectivity, performance and usage of all customers, facilitated by the exclusive use of fixed IP addresses.


Innovative solutions to meet the needs of partners and their customers

Sewan's philosophy is based on the industrialization of its model in order to optimize the quality of services and simplify their management, through the relationships of trust that it establishes with its network. Thanks to the company's innovative solutions, end clients are guaranteed efficient and rapid assistance at all times. All Sewan's offers are enhanced by a wide range of value-added services and are supported by an expert team for a unified and controlled network.