Interconnect your sites with ease

Your virtual private network, secured and monitored

A multi-site, national or international company needs guaranteed, high-performance and available connections.
Built around a high-performance and resilient infrastructure, while relying on a multi-operator end-to-end controlled collection network, Sewan's VPNMPLS solution is the ideal answer to your needs.
Your company thus benefits from its own private and secured MPLS network, independent of traditional operators, with an "Any to Any" architecture, without going through a central site.
The MPLS gives you access to a wide range of complementary services:  network core firewall, multi-operator multi-technology redundancy, secure remote access, IP telephony, complete monitoring of your connections and your activity, hosting of your applications in the network core...

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A network adapted to your needs

Head office, production sites, sales agencies, home office: because each of your sites has different uses, our depth of range meets all of your needs.
From ADSL to dedicated fibre, Sewan offers all bandwidths, and availability and performance guarantees, regardless of the location of your sites, thanks to interconnections with numerous local, national and international operators. 

Securing connections

A wide range of redundancy and connection security solutions to ensure the continuity of your services in the most critical environments, offering you the best availability guarantees in the market.

High-availability infrastructures

Core network infrastructures are redundant and hosted in major data centers that are connected to global network cores and meet the highest security standards.

Unlimited Internet access in the networkcore

You benefit from a dynamic selection of the best path available, for a smooth and optimized Internet access. Take advantage of multi-operator interconnections for better availability and a high level of redundancy.

Integrated firewall

Thanks to the cluster of firewalls in the network core, you protect your network, your data and your users. From simple policy management, through port opening to intrusion detection, without forgetting URL filtering and flow antivirus, you benefit from a complete firewalling service available in just a few clicks. 

Manage in real time
and in complete autonomy

Thanks to our dedicated tool, you have complete control over your offers and your network: eligibility, orders, option or configuration modifications, deployment. You have complete control over your network from start to finish in complete autonomy.

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Up to 1 GB/s

Service Restoration Time (SRT)


Bandwidth limitation


Centralized Internet Transit

Yes (optional)

IPv4 fixed





SSL and IPSec remote access


France and international 

Choice of local loop


Possibility of redundancy on local loops of different operators


Partial unbundling


Full unbundling


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Preconfigured router


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Jean-Philippe Ribes
Product Manager Connect

Operators and connectivity technologies are constantly evolving to meet the growing demand for bandwidth and services related to new uses (cloud, real-time applications, big data etc.).

Choosing an "operator of operators" is the assurance of benefiting for each of your sites from the best guarantees of performance, availability and security in the market.

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