Partnership for your benefit

Sewan's philosophy is clear: partnership means more than simply reselling our solutions. That's why we are partners and not simply suppliers/resellers. A partnership has a macroscopic dimension: it encompasses each company's entire business model.

Partnership for your benefit
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Promises kept

We're here to see you succeed and grow!


A virtuous partnership to accelerate your Cloud and Telecoms business.


We'll share all our expertise and our entire catalogue of advanced solutions with you.


A 360° partnership with training, marketing, strategy and R&D.

Progressing together

Transforming your day-to-day business

The partnerships we build are unique and tailored to each situation. Our vision of partnership is based on several pillars, ranging from a white label business model to support that makes all the difference.


Business model

Each partner benefits from a business model that is both reassuring and rewarding. There's the recurring revenue principle, which ensures regular income, and then there's White Label distribution. This enables Partners to be the only contact for their end customers.



Our aim is to help each Partner develop their business. By combining a comprehensive catalogue of solutions with our support and training, each Partner can develop their skills and their offering in line with the specific needs of their customers.



Whichever the commercial strategy of our Partners, we adapt. The way we operate, based on recurring revenues, means that in all cases we can consolidate their business and their results.



As soon as a new Partner joins the Sewan network, they benefit from comprehensive, tailored support. The pre-sales team brings its expertise to complex projects, acting as the Partner's collaborator with prospects and customers.



With Sewan, there is always an opportunity to train and acquire new skills. Whether through our Qualiopi-certified training catalogue, the Sewan Masterclass programme, our tutorials or discussions with our teams, it's always good to learn more about our solutions.


Sewan 360

Complete partnership for total success

When we talk about Sewan 360, we're thinking about all the aspects of partnership that don't directly concern our core business. It's all these extras that make the experience of our Partners richer. There's Sophia, the platform that acts as a co-pilot, automated marketing campaigns, development advice, the Sewan Masterclass programme and much more...

Sewan 360

The White Label

All the keys
to convincing your customers

With the White Label principle, we make sure that you're the only company your customers can trust. For our part, we share with you all the keys to success that will help you develop your business.

Commercial freedom

Commercial freedom

You control your own strategy and define your own margins and selling prices. In all cases, our teams are there to guide you.

Complete catalogue

Complete catalogue

Our catalogue becomes yours. Offer your customers innovative solutions and simply respond to a prospect's request.

Shared R&D

Shared R&D

At Sewan, we invest in R&D on your behalf, and we're happy to share the benefits with you. Our solutions are based on the latest technologies.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

With our sales strategy based on recurring business, you secure your income and gain visibility: you build long-term customer loyalty.


Progress with our training courses

Our team provides remote or on-site training. Our aim is to provide you with ever greater knowledge and autonomy across all our solutions.


To find out more

Tools designed just for you


It's impossible to disregard Sophia, the automated platform that centralises all the management of your customers' Cloud and Telecoms offerings! Simply share access with your team members and save time: from ordering to invoicing.

The Partner Space

As its name suggests, the Partner Space is an area 100% dedicated to our Partners. Here you'll find product news, technical documentation, video tutorials, a contracts area with all the legal information you need, and much more!

The eligibility module

We've developed a module for our Partners to carry out all the eligibility tests for their customers (and future customers). Simple, practical and user-friendly, it's a plug-in that can be integrated into your own website in just a few clicks and customised in your own colours.

Marketing campaigns

It's not always easy to mobilise a dedicated in-house marketing team. That's why we've designed fully automated, ready-to-use marketing campaigns. You customise, download and publish!

Sewan Masterclass

It's always good to learn and develop new skills. Masterclasses are free-access videos. Partners can discover new solutions at their own pace. It's a great way to progress or onboard newcomers.

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Key figures

Key figures for a successful partnership


Sewaners active on a daily basis for your success


Cloud and Telecoms solutions to include in your catalogue


Geographic zones with dedicated sales teams to support you locally


They trust us

"The white label model offered by Sewan is an asset to our customer relationships because we are the ones who are visible."

Nick Vanbelle
Nick VanbelleManaging Director

"I've been working with Sewan for several years and I'm fully satisfied with their services. It's a human-sized company that offers quality products and is very responsive when needed. I would recommend Sewan to anyone looking for a reliable and competent supplier."

Emmanuel Givron
Emmanuel GivronChief Operating Officer

"Our partnership with Sewan is a real win-win situation. Their competent and available team supports us in our growth and development."

Sébastien Semaille
Sébastien SemailleCEO

Sophia, the Co-pilot for Partners

Integrated automation that makes all the difference.