A very high bandwidth optic fiber offer for businesses

Download up to 1 GB

FTTH is an asymmetrical broadband connectivity offer based on a multi-operator optical fibre network.

Designed to meet the very high speed needs of businesses, it reaches 1 Gb in downstream and 500 Mb/s in upstream.

Sewan markets its FTTH links throughout the country thanks to its interconnections and agreements with the major infrastructure operators in Belgium.
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A national coverage in full expansion!

The rollout of fibre optics is accelerating in Belgium, with the aim of achieving 70% coverage of the country by 2028.

High availability

At Sewanyou decide who your local loop operator is. To meet your availability requirements, ensure link redundancy and service continuity, you choose a second local loop operator or other Sewan technology. 

Result: thanks to your collection networks, you benefit from extended coverage over the entire territory and a highly available service.

Integrated firewall

Thanks to the firewall cluster in the network core, you protect your network, your data and your users. From simple policy management, through port opening to intrusion detection, not to mention URL filtering and antivirus flow, you benefit from a complete firewalling service available in just a few clicks.

Plug & Play

Shared fiber connections are easily controlled with just a few clicks. If you order a router with the shared fiber connection, the router is delivered pre-configured and ready to use. A simple plugin and your connection is operational.

Active monitoring

You monitor and manage your connection in real time with our business tool: link status(Up/Down, latency, jitter, packet loss etc.), bandwidth usage, use & distribution: all the information you need! This way, you can visualize your performance indicators and have a precise analysis of your daily usage.

Manage your routers in real time on your dedicated interface

From a simple change of Wi-Fi password to port routing via NAT, you can customize and configure your router in complete autonomy.

Customer service

We accompany you in the use of our products. Guaranteeing a strong customer relationship, our customer service provides you with technical expertise in case of questions or problems and provides you with the necessary support as soon as possible.

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Data sheet

Up to 1 GB/s

Up to 500 MB/s


Optical fiber

Bandwidth limitation


IPv4 fixed



All over Belgium

<25 ms

<5 ms

Packet loss


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