Create and share content with your colleagues in the cloud

Teamwork has never been easier

With SharePoint Online for business, you create, store, organize and share information in a totally secure way, no matter where you are.
Integrated in the cloud, you can access it from all your devices.
Sharepoint Online is a true collaborative work platform.

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Take your business anywhere

Wherever you are, you can access your team's resources, your documents and all your content. Your collaborators can easily work remotely, which limits the loss of productivity linked to mobility and transport.

Synchronizing tool

Synchronize your data to access and modify them wherever you are, connected or not

Transparent collaboration

With SharePoint Online, you collaborate hand in hand with your colleagues but also with your customers or providers. These accesses, which you limit according to your convenience, increase productivity by accelerating processes and you control all your company data! 

Office application integration

From your computer or from a web browser, you can create, edit, share and work on multiple simultaneous editions of documents opened on the online (and light) versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Professional-level security and compliance

Now more than ever, organizations need a scalable solution that meets their security and compliance requirements. SharePoint Online offers an unparalleled level of security performance based on extensive expertise in developing enterprise software and online services.
The platform supports user productivity and optimizes compliance and security in the cloud.

Data analysis and performance

In real time, you follow the different projects you are involved in thanks to activity feeds and recommendations based on your links with other users and their content. SharePoint Online comes with Office Graph which will allow you to access and customize the data feeds that will be sent to you.

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Storage per user (contributes to the customer's total storage)

10 GB per subscribed user.

Storage per customer

1 TB + 10 GB per subscribed user + additional storage purchased. You can purchase an unlimited amount of additional storage.

List display threshold in site libraries or lists

Up to 5,000 items per display (without index) and 12 search columns per display

Terms in the term store

200 000

Site Collection Storage Limit

Up to 25 TB per site collection.


Recommended up to 2,000 sub-sites per site collection

SharePoint Online site collection (listed above). The file storage space of an Office 365 Group is counted against a customer's overall SharePoint Online storage space.

Default storage value for the public website

5 GB

A SharePoint administrator can allocate up to 1 TB (the limit of a site collection).

File download limit

10 GB - 1 byte (10,737,418,239 bytes) per file. In classic mode, loading methods other than drag and drop are limited to 1 GB.

Attachment size limit

250 Mb

Synchronization limits

5,000 items in site libraries, including files and folders

Maximum number of users per client

1 - 500 000+

NOTE: If you have more than 500,000 users, contact a Microsoft representative to discuss requirements in detail.

Number of external users invited

There is no limit to the number of external users you can invite to your SharePoint Online site collections. For more information.