A complete, intelligent and secure solution designed for employees

Sewan offers you to integrate a complete security solution to the collaborative tools already present in its catalogue..  

This new security offer will allow you to secure the entire environment of your collaborators, starting with messaging, user identification, the devices they use and even their documents.  

Thanks to this solution, you will be able to secure, manage, and be warned of threats to your company's work environment from a single console.  

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Securing the messaging system

Threats evolve, so must security. Messaging is the first point of entry for hackers.Office 365 ATP allows you to extendExchange Online Protection (EOP) and protect against these new threats: 

  • Malicious emails to obtain sensitive information (Phishing)  
  • URLs that change at the moment of clicking, 
  • Zero-Day attacks in attachments,  
  • Use of a domain similar to a real and legitimate domain (Spoofing),  
  • Identity theft by email

Identity security

Protecting a user's identity is crucial today. It should no longer be subject to the use of a simple password, but should be able to adapt to different situations and risks without reducing user productivity.

Azure Active directory allows you to protect and simplify your users' access and to perform SSO (single sign-on and simplified authentication) on your business applications.

Securing devices

One of the tasks of an administrator is to protect and secure data. But this cannot be done without securing the devices that contain the data.  

Microsoft Intune will allow you to manage:  

  • Inventory of machines (PC, MAC, tablets, smartphones),  
  • System and antivirus updates,  
  • The deployment of your applications (messaging profiles, Wi-Fi, VPN) depending on the conformity of the equipment. 
  • The deployment of mobile applications, and access to data from these applications,  
  • The provision of an enterprise portal to allow users to install applications without administrator rights.  

Data security

More than ever, today it is important to protect corporate data from a variety of threats, such as data loss or data leakage. Sewan can help you integrate Microsoft's Azure Information Protection (AIP) solution into your corporate documents. 

With this solution you will be able to:  

  • Identify data according to their importance and confidentiality,  
  • Label your data  
  • Assign particular profiles and layouts. 

AIP will make it possible to block the transfer of certain emails, access to sensitive data to employees who have left the company, avoid accidental sharing of data.  

This way, you meet the security issues but also the requirements imposed by the GDPR. 

Cloud App Security

Microsoft Cloud App Security is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that supports different deployment modes, including log collection, API connectors and reverse proxy

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