Secure your connections and data flows

Security is a key issue for companies. This is why Sewan offers a wide range of value-added services to ensure the security of your links, your Internet connection and the data that passes through.

All infrastructures in the Sewan network core are natively redundant and backed up to ensure maximum availability of all our services. You thus create your multi-operator, multi-technology architecture in complete autonomy and benefit from a very-high-availability rate.  

In real time, you can order and administer your firewall positioned in the network core, directly from your business tool. Without installing equipment on your sites, you benefit from a new-generation firewall. 

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Backbone security

The Sewan network core is distributed over several distinct datacenters, all the equipment that make it up are redundant on 2 different sites, and have automatic failover or load sharing mechanisms. Thus, whatever services you use, they natively benefit from the high-availability architecture set up and operated by Sewan.

Multi-operator multi-technology redundancy

On the same site, you can deploy several links, using different technologies and different operators. Thus, you have links on different physical media at the local loop level, your flows transit on different operators' backbones: you are thus freed from physical interruptions and the failure of an operator's network element, and benefit from very high availability Internet access. 

ADSL, VDSL, FTTH, 4G, Dedicated fibre....All configurations are possible and you compose your access according to the specific requirements of your site.

You choose and control your own configuration, in active/passive or active/active load balancing according to your needs, regardless of the underlying operators and technologies, through a single interface for a unified network. 


Our VPN/MPLS offer is the ideal solution for building a high-performance and resilient multi-site infrastructure. It relies on our high-availability multi-operator architecture to interconnect your sites in complete security. Your company benefits from its own private and watertight IP MPLS network and a secure and high-performance Internet connection. 

Cloud Firewall

The functional richness of a new generation firewall combined with the centralised management of your security policy gives you a maximum level of security on your links and the flows that pass through them.

With just a few clicks, you can benefit from advanced firewalling functionalities in complete autonomy, such as :

  • Creation and management of your rules according to numerous criteria (IP address, interfaces, users, time slots)
  • Ipsec/SSL secure remote access for your nomadic users or teleworkers
  • With the URL filtering, application control andantivirus functions, you control your employees' web browsing, you secure the applications used by your company and you benefit from real-time protection against the various threats (malware, etc.). You also protect yourself from the criminal risk of consulting reprehensible websites.

The first 100% automated firewall offering in the cloud

Direct access to the solutions available with the Cloud Firewall service

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Your virtual private network, secured and monitored

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Jean-Philippe Ribes
Product Manager Connect

Operators and connectivity technologies are constantly evolving to meet the growing demand for bandwidth and services related to new uses (cloud, real-time applications, big data etc.).

Choosing an "operator of operators" is the assurance of benefiting for each of your sites from the best guarantees of performance, availability and security in the market.

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