A wide range of solutions to guarantee your connectivity at all times


At Sewan, the availability of your connections is our main concern. This is why, to guarantee your connectivity, we provide you with a set of technical and functional solutions that are available for all the components of your connections: local loop, routers, BackboneSewan and Internet transit.

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Multi-Operator Multi-Technology Redundancy

Multi-operator, multi-technology redundancy is organized on three levels.
First, through two different local loops from your site to the dispatchers.
Secondly, from the dispatchers to the Sewan core via two different operator backbones.
And finally, by securing the core network and interconnection infrastructures of Sewan with its operator partners.
All combinations of operators and/or technologies are possible for a unified service.
Regardless of your choice of operator and technology, you benefit from a secure link, operated and controlled by Sewan. ADSL/SDSL,Optic Fiber / xDSL , SDSL/4G , choose the combination that corresponds to your requirements.

VRRP for an automatic backup

Our routers carry the protocol VRRP to ensure high availability of your connectivity. In the event of a failure on the main connection, the failover to the backup connection is automatic and immediate. As soon as it is restored, the traffic automatically returns to the main connection without any intervention on your part.

Service Restoration Time: SRT

Our connections benefit from a 4-hour Service Restoration Time. In the event of an incident on your link, don't panic, at Sewan and its partners everything is done to restore your service in under 4 hours. 

Infrastructure Backbone

The services are based on a Sewan high-capacity and highly available technical infrastructure. All the core network equipment is redundant on different datacentres, which are themselves interconnected by multi-GB/s connections using different cable trays, and redundant for ever greater security. 

Internet Transit

You have a dynamic selection of the best available path for smooth and optimized Internet access. Multi-operator interconnections for better availability and a high level of redundancy.

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