The importance of outsourcing

Our job is to let you concentrate on your job.

Also known as outsourcing, this solution offers companies the opportunity to focus on their business and entrust Sewan the operation of their servers.
With this intelligent solution, you can delegate the management of your servers, applications or IT.
By outsourcing your resources, you can guarantee your company a totally secure administration and monitoring, while you gain in productivity as well as in competitiveness.
All services are provided on infrastructures managed by Sewan and meet the flexibility, availability and security requirements of businesses. The managed services offer integrates incident management, change management, capacity management and problem management.

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Manage your performance through governance

Regularly(quarterly, monthly, weekly), a meeting is organised with your account manager to assess the situation. Together, we study the service quality indicators and identify the triggers of any incidents that may have occurred in order to better define a continuous improvement plan.

Continuous Improvement Plan

A continuous improvement plan is jointly defined to implement all the actions to be carried out to boost the efficiency of your IT(servers, applications). This way, you benefit from long-lasting tools over the long term and you encourage the development of skills in your teams and your processes.

Proactive expertise

Our teams of engineers master a wide range of technologies and proactively monitor the proper functioning of your VMs. 

Nothing beats experience

For more than 20 years, Sewan has been running mission-critical applications on a daily basis, while guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity and durability of sensitive data. Our know-how evolves daily. Therefore, we provide you with intelligent and scalable solutions to meet all your business needs. 

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