Your cloud and applications are safe from threats.

When an enterprise deploys its applications in the cloud, the security of those  applications and data is a major concern. Enterprises rely on cloud providers to secure networks, storage and other layers of computing. 

Sewan natively integrates high-performance security solutions into its cloud products while guaranteeing data security and confidentiality. 

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Cloud Firewall

Thanks to Sewan Cloud Firewall, you benefit from centralized management of your VMs and networks in a uniform and transparent manner. 

You can easily implement advanced features such as IPS, antivirus or application control. Cloud Firewall's integrated IPS module helps secure your data from attacks by analyzing traffic and blocking threats. 

Above all, Cloud Firewall allows you to keep control of your security with complete autonomy. 

Proven organization and processes

Sewan Cloud is ISO 27001 certified. This certification attests that Sewan has implemented the required technical, human and organizational means to protect your data from loss, theft or alteration.

Data protection and geo-clusters

Finally, in order to guarantee maximum availability, your VMs are replicated in real time on different datacenters. Cloud Datacenter natively integrates a backup solution so you can have three copies of your data on different types of media in different locations (3-2-1 rule).

With Sewan Cloud, your applications and data are protected and accessible at all times.


Complementary solutions

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