Self-made Sewan

Ten years after its creation, Sewan now has over 600 employees and a network of 1,000 distribution partners.

With a turnover of €135 million in 2020, and major international development via the acquisition of Vozelia in Spain, 3StarsNet in Belgium and 42One in Germany, Sewan is now one of the leaders in the BtoB telecoms market in Europe.

But to get there, a long road paved with innovations, CAB meetings and carts has been travelled by the small start-up, which started its adventure by setting up headquarters in a former bakery.

Retrospective on ten years of history:

Sewan is the story of four entrepreneurs who had the idea of simplifying telecoms. The idea of a new generation operator oriented towards users.
It was in 2007 that the project took shape. The young company offered voice, mobile and Internet access services. It was a success, thanks in particular to a differentiating operator model that consisted of offering telephony, messaging, data and collaborative work services to a network of white-label distribution partners. Providing them with 100% automated services became a prerogative, and the single management interface was born: Sophia.

As the years go by, the departments diversify and the teams grow. In order to gain expertise in hosting and data backup, Sewan acquires Navaho, a specialist in these areas.

Ten years after its creation, Sewan intends to continue the international development started in Spain and to export the business model that has made it successful in many other countries.

If today Sewan is one of the leaders in its market, tomorrow... Sewan intends to become the benchmark.

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Sewan, that's:

- 135 million € turnover in 2020
- 30% of staff allocated to research and development
- 6 consecutive nominations to the Deloitte Fast 500
- Acquisition of Vozelia (Spain), 3StarsNet (Belgium) and 42One (Germany) as part of its international development strategy
- Vozelia's objective: to grow from 2 to 20 million euros in turnover in 5 years.
- A great success story
- A community of enthusiasts
- A young, ambitious and dynamiccompany

Deloitte rewards the fastest growing innovative companies
62nd of Frenchweb 2016 FW500
39th of Frenchweb 2017 FW500
Sewan is ranked 28/120 of the IT 2018 distribution and service companies.
Sewan is 26th on the FW500 Frenchweb 2018
Sewan, November's company of the month in EDI
Named by Alliancy as one of the "100 digital players to support your transformation".
Sewan is certified Happy At Work 2020

A 100% automated model: the Sewan difference

Sewan has established itself in France with an extremely differentiating operator model. The operator relies on 100% automation of services and on a network of white-label distributors that provide unrivalled proximity to companies.
Sewan provides its partners with the businesstool Sophia to administer online all the services for both the administrator and the end user. They also benefit from a dedicated partner area, rich in marketing and sales content.