Put mobility at the heart of your business.

Business mobile telephony in all its flexibility.

Whether you are a large consumer, a compulsive traveller or an occasional user, we have the right offer for you.

Discover our unlimited packages and choose your package according to your business needs!

And of course, you have access to very high-speed broadband with 4G available on all our offers and now 5G (from 2 GB to 100 GB)!

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Stop looking for a good mobile phone to change your bundle

Sewan has launched its Enterprise offer on the number one mobile network in terms of coverage (population and territory) and quality of mobile services. This new offer ensures a better quality network at more attractive prices and many innovative services. You benefit from standard packages and the new options available (MeVo visual, MMS, connection sharing). Not content with improving its services, this offer is also more competitive, offering significant price reductions and of course more gigas for less euros.

Tune in to 5G

You can now benefit from the best mobile connectivity via 5G, on our 2 to 100 GB packages via the #1 mobile network. With 5G, you'll enjoy speeds 10 times faster than 4G, and better responsiveness thanks to reduced latency.

Enjoy the best call quality, even in white areas

Is your smartphone not receiving any mobile network? Thanks to VoWIFI, you can make and receive calls and SMS via the WIFI network, when your mobile is not receiving any mobile network. Do you want to enjoy better sound quality and shorter call set-up times? VoLTE technology offers you better call quality with optimised sound and greater smoothness with 4G speed for all your uses during your calls.

A variety of bundles that adapt to your usage

Whether you're more SMS or MMS users, long talkers or data-hungry users, Sewan offers a wide range of bundles to suit different consumers.
Do not hesitate to contact our sales team to find the offer that suits you best.

Change your bundle,
not your telephone number

Changing your number is always a hindrance.
That's why, thanks to the portability you can change
without changing your number.
No need to send a grouped message
to your entire phonebook

Triple-cut SIM card

Sewan is committed to providing you with competitive and offensive offers in terms of price and complementary services, making them able to compete with or even surpass any classic offer. In order to adapt to all your needs, all the Sewan SIM cards are delivered in triple cut (SIM, MICRO SIM, NANO SIM). No more disappointment with an unsuitable SIM, they are compatible with all brands and all smartphones.

Control your mobile phone on a single platform

Thanks to myselfcare.be your dedicated platform accessible on mobile & desktop, you can manage your mobile (and fixed) telephony via a simple internet connection. You can easily control all your telephony and set your advanced features on fixed and mobile, when you want and where you want. Simplicity and flexibility are the key words.

A mobile network in your name

Have you ever dreamed to be your own mobile carrier? Thanks to the mobile network name customisation service, market SIM cards in your company's name!

SMS Parking and De Lijn

The easy parking option and purchase of De Lijn tickets via smartphone is possible with Sewan Mobile! With just one click on our Sophia tool, you can activate the option to manage your parking remotely and buy tickets by sending an SMS.

A mobile network in your name

Have you ever dreamed to be your own mobile carrier? Thanks to the mobile network name customisation service, market SIM cards in your company's name!

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