Services and manpower

A pre-sales team to make your projects reality.
A deployment team to ensure the delivery and installation of your connections and routers.
A human-powered customer service, available and reactive.
A technical team that supports you as soon as you need it and that ensures a proactive monitoring of your connections on a daily basis.
You are autonomous, but you are not alone.

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The control of flows on networks is becoming more complex over time and with the emergence of new threats and evasion techniques, as well as the increase in the volume of data and the diversity of means of access. With Sewan's firewall service, you benefit from the latest technologies on the market to meet these challenges.
The Sewan security offer is based on a cluster of Fortinet" firewalls, hosted and centralized in the network core, in order to offer a "Firewall As A Service" type operation, immediately available for all Sewan access connections and virtual machines.
From simple policy management, through port opening to intrusion detection, not forgetting URL filtering and flow antivirus, you benefit from a complete firewalling service available in just a few clicks. 

Access redundancy

At Sewan, multi-operator, multi-technology redundancy is organized on three levels.
Firstly, by two different local loops from your site to the dispatchers.
Secondly, from the dispatchers to the Sewan network core via two different operator backbones.
And finally, by securing the Sewan network core and interconnection infrastructures with its operator partners.
All combinations of operators and/or technologies are possible for a unified service.
Whatever the choice of your operator and technology, you benefit from a secure connection operated and controlled by Sewan.
ADSL/SDSL, Optic Fiber / xDSL , SDSL/4G , choose the combination that corresponds to your requirements. 


With the monitoring solution designed by Sewan you can control everything that happens on your network in real time via your dedicated interface.
Regardless of the type of link and router, you can view your bandwidth consumption and the connection status of your sites in real time, monitor your quality of service indicators (latency, jitter, packet loss) and control the flows on your network.
Sewan proactively monitors all your guaranteed bandwidth connections.

Installation on site

Sewan facilitates your access connection deployments by offering you the installation of routers on your customers' sites, anywhere in mainland France and Corsica.
This service, carried out by experienced technicians, includes the displacement, equipment configuration, the connections, the tests, internal service and the receipt

Solutions, equipment and accessories