Words from a partner ep11 with Megabyte

🎬 You've been waiting for it? 🤗 Here it is! To end the year on a high note, we're joined by our guests from the Megabyte group in the last Paroles de Partenaire of the 2023 season! 🎉

Emmanuel GIVRON, Julien Vierstraete, Christophe Burlet & Christophe Vanden Eynde have one thing in common: rich and exciting career paths, in partnership with Sewan Belgium for many years!
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A huge thank you for this moment and thanks to all our #partners who have contributed to these enriching exchanges throughout this year! 👏

🎥 Do you dream of stepping in front of the camera? Vicky Bureau is waiting for you!


See you soon,

The team Sewan