Build the Trunk that suits you

Trunk SIP: your telephony adapts to your business

Sewan SIP Trunk is the solution that gives companies with a switchboard the ability to route incoming and outgoing calls. Sewan offers an unlimited, flat-rate package covering national calls and over 110 international destinations.
Compatible with all brands and equipment on the market, everything is done to guarantee optimum quality of service and reliability.

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Manage in real time
and in complete autonomy

From your dedicated interface, you control all your services.
Thescalability of the offer over time gives you the possibility to change the number of simultaneous communications according to your needs and to manipulate the DID (direct inward dialing) assigned to your Trunk. In case of failure of your equipment or even of the link, you canyour equipment or even the link, a global forwarding ensures the continuity of all your calls.

Native or with gateway, compatible with IPBX and PABX

This Trunk SIP solution adapts to all your current telecom equipment. The Trunk Unlimited offer is natively compatible with all IP telephone standards (IPBX) in the market.
If you are equipped with a PABX that does not have SIP connectivity, Sewan will provide a gateway to interconnect the existing platform to your telephone network without any on-site modifications.

Dual-Operator Dual-Technology

Quality management of telephone communications is ensured by Sewan, who provides secure connections with a commitment to service availability
We recommend a redundancy of access connections- with two technologies (SDSL or Fiber + SDSL), two different operators and an automatic rerouting of incoming numbers in case of unavailability of the site.

DID to DID routing

Number by number, you define the call forwarding you want to set up. You set up rules for permanent forwarding, forwarding on no answer and especially forwarding on no connection, very useful in case of connection or PBX equipment failure. You can also define simultaneous rings for each of the numbers: thus, you can set a forwarding on a number outside Trunk. This first step towards convergence allows you to associate your fixed number with your mobile number.

Always more security

With dual link security you can benefit from different types of configurations, whether in load sharing (active-active) or fail-over (active-standby). Moreover, in order to prevent fraudulent use of your trunk, an anti-hacking mechanism is set up with restrictions by usage profile.
Finally, to guarantee that the use of your trunk is legitimate, Sewan offers IP authentication on its trunks and protection tools using an SBC at the network core.

Customize your services

You can benefit from additional services integrated with the Trunk SIP offers, such as time management, IVR,... 
You wish to diversify the ways you're contacted? Sewan provides you with international or special numbers.


All calls made from the company to landlines, mobiles to national and international destinations are included. So you can call whoever you want, wherever you want, 24/7, and control the cost of your communications.
What's more, you generate large savings on your telephony service thanks to free communications between your sites!

Your free inter-site calls

Achieve economies of scale with free inter-site calls. Your employees, departments or services, located in different cities or countries, communicate with each other free of charge through your network.

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Data sheet

Quality of service
We recommend redundant access links combining two different technologies (xDSL or fiber + xDSL).
Automatic rerouting of incoming numbers in case of unavailability of the site
Redundancy, load sharing or active/passive system between multiple trunks
SLA : 99.85%
Supported codecs: G711/G722/G729
Transport: UDP or TCP
Fax: T.38 and G711
SIP Gateways / ISDN
Basic access(BRI):
- Gateway 4 simultaneous communications (2T0)
- Gateway 8 simultaneous communications (4T0)
- Gateway 16 simultaneous communications (8T0)
Primary access(PRI):
- Gateway 15 simultaneous communications (½T2)
- Gateway 30 simultaneous communications (1T2)
- Gateway 60 simultaneous communications (2T2)
Flexible numbering rules
E164 (+32)
International (00)
National (E Z AB PQ MCDU)
Operator (Z AB PQ MCDU)
Operator management services
Resource allocation or portability (Geographic, Value Added Number, International Number, Freephone Number)
Management of emergency numbers by the operator
Authentication method and security
IP Authentication
Administered services
Global Rerouting of Incoming Calls: 
- Rerouting on no answer 
- Rerouting on occupied 
- Rerouting on no connection
Advanced DID routing by DID
Advanced IP Routing
Full unlimited package (1)
Unlimited national fixed-line calls (calls to telephony services in 40 Belgian zones)
National mobile calls
Calls to 70 international destinations (2)
(1) Permanent call rerouting is not included.
(2) Acores, South Africa, Alaska, Algeria, Andorra, England, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Balearic Islands, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Canary Islands, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Guam, Germany, Greece, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Hungary, Virgin Islands, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, United States, Northern Ireland, Iceland, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco, Norway, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Wales, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Vatican, Venezuela, Vietnam.