A unique tool

Sophia is our unique interface which gives our partners complete autonomy from order to invoice. Sophia manages real-time orders for products and services that you set up and invoice in all simplicity.
Especially designed for indirect sales, Sophia is a 100% automated solution, accessible via a straightforward interface, which allows our partners to manage all the services for their customers and employees.
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Sophia, Sewan DNA

This simple and 100% automated interface was developed in-house from the early days of Sewan to meet the needs of our partners and their customers. A true high-performance dashboard, Sophia is the beating heart of Sewan.

Complete autonomy, from order to invoice

In just a few clicks, you order products and solutions, automatically invoice your customers and set up all your services.
Whether you want to order a line, increase your bandwidth or bill a customer, everything is easier with Sophia.

Our teams will train you

Although Sophia's interface is simple and intuitive, the richness of its functionalities deserves some wise advice from our team. To support you, video tutorials and FAQs are available in your partner area.