Monitor & manage your network in real time

Manage your network autonomously

With the monitoring solution designed by Sewan you have total control, in real time, of everything that happens on your network from your dedicated interface.
Regardless of the type of connection and router, you can view your bandwidth usage and the connection status of your sites in real time, monitor your quality of service indicators (latency, jitter, packet loss) and control the flows on your network. Sewan proactively monitors your guaranteed bandwidth.

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Knowledge is power: the importance of monitoring

In real time, you monitor your bandwidth usage for both download and upstream. You can view the status and history of connections.
With precision to the day, week, month or year. You can diagnose the state of your line and proactively anticipate changes in throughput to support the growth of your business.

Your performance
indicators in real time

Your real-time applications (telephony, skype, dialog, collaboration tool) require an optimal quality of service.
Monitor your key performance indicators in real time: latency , jitter,packet
There are two levels of reading: a simplified graphical overview for a quick check-up, and a detailed view for in-depth analysis and diagnosis.

A precise analysis of your daily usage

Which IP addresses are the most consulted? What are the most commonly used applications? Are your classes of services adapted to your daily use?
Do you have sufficientbandwidth
With Sewan monitoring you can master all this information and much more in just a few clicks. 

Ultra compatibility

Regardless of your type of connection (ADSL/VDSL/SDSL/Fibers). Whatever your service (Internet access or VPNMPLS), regardless of your router, Sewan monitoring is accessible to you automatically, in full and without any hardware constraints.

Our proactive monitoring at your service

Sewan keeps an eye on your network and ensures a high level of security and proactive monitoring for all your connections with guaranteed bandwidth. We monitor all of your connections and our technicians will call you immediately in case of downtime. 

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