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Your unified communications grows with your business

Calls, Instant Messaging, audio and video conferences, you exchange and discuss as if your interlocutor was next to you.
Unified communications brings people together, enabling interaction, document sharing, content creation and meetings. Compatible with the most prestigious brands of smartphones, tablets and PCs, unified communications is the future of business telephony, from the local PSTN to the largest global enterprises.

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Doko enables your teams to communicate better, share all kinds of content quickly, plan meetings efficiently and facilitate interaction within the company.

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David Brette
Associate Director

At the dawn of the end of PSTN (traditional telephony) in France and Europe, IP telephony does not represent the future, but the present. This solution, which is already accessible to everyone, has become the most reliable technology for providing high-performance business telephony services.
Thanks to the most complete catalogue in the market, Sewan offer you a range of hosted telephony solutions adapted to your needs and those of your customers.
Scalable, quick to deploy and requiring no special maintenance, IP telephony meets the needs of companies of all sizes: from multinationals to small local businesses.

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