One number, one meeting, up to 100 participants


The most productive business communication solution

Intuitive and practical, the conference bridge is the simplest solution to organize your conference calls: the administrator receives a phone number, participants call this number and immediately join the conversation. Easily organize your conference calls according to your criteria.

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Build bridges whenever you want!

No matter where, no matter what time, with up to 100 participants. Each company or organizer has one(or more) dedicated number(s) to set up its conference calls.

Conference Without Borders

Do you have employees working abroad? Or service providers outside mainland France? Your conference can be accessed from over 60 different countries at local rates. Your conferences no longer know borders or... overcharged calls!

Rec. plus ultra

Record your important meetings to listen to and share with participants or colleagues who are not present. Your conference becomes a medium and now the absent ones... are all present.

Full power

The conference administrator is the sole master on board. He/she manages the entire conference: call people who are not connected, control the microphone functionality of the participants and view the number of participants in real time.

Security & Management

Choose who attends your conferences using a secure PIN code. This code allows the organizer to supervise the arrivals and departures in the conference and view the number of participants in real time.

Optimal sound quality

Every speech is enhanced by the Sewan equipment that delivers high-definition sound!

Solutions, equipment and accessories

Data sheet

Maximum number of participants


Access to the conference

Conference access:
- via geographical or national numbers: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08 or 09
- via special numbers: 0800
- via international numbers

Tool for facilitating automatic invitations


Announcements during the conference

- Arrival

- Departure

- Locking conference access by PIN code
- Password for participant access
Conference Management Tools
- Invitation by call of unconnected participants
- Management of the participants' microphone (enable / disable)
- Visualization of the participants
- Expulsion of one or all members of the conference
Recording of the conference
- Conference recording function (enable / disable)
- Sending the registration by email
- File format: MP3
- Maximum recording time: 10 hours
- Retention duration: 7 days