The first 100% automated firewall offering in the cloud


Secure your network, your data & your users

Sewan relies on a firewall cluster from Fortinet* to provide you with a complete integrated security solution. You choose to administer the firewall or to delegate its management to Sewan. You get optimal protection with the many state-of-the-art features of Cloud Firewall.

*Fortinet is the leader in network security solutions and unified systems

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One Fortinet Firewall Cluster in high availability

Sewan integrates a Fortinet Firewall Cluster in the network core, based on NP ASICs.(Network Processor). This exclusive technology hardware-accelerateds the processing of your data to ensure the best performance and lowest latency in the market.

Power and simplicity

Unified threat management(UTM) in combination with the functional richness of a New-Generation Firewall(NGFW) gives you the highest level of security. You can manage your security policies in real time through your practical and intuitive administration interface(drag and drop, context menus, smart search etc.).

Administer or delegate

Manage your security policy as you wish: manage your firewall directly from your dedicated interface, or leave the management of your firewall to the Sewan experts

Firewall per session

The Firewall Stateful inspection allows you to control and enforce per-session rules to improve security and processing performance. Rules are analyzed according to many criteria such as source/destination interfaces, source/destination IPs/users/machines, services and schedules.


The firewall includes Proxy i.e. the caching of web pages or objects in order to improve the performance of your web browsing.

Remote Access

Manage and secure external access to your network according to your usage. Mobile users, remote sites or secure access to your applications, the complete functionalities of the Cloud Firewall IPSec and SSL(in tunnel or portal mode), are at your disposal to establish the secure connections you need.


The anti-intrusion" function protects your networks from criminal attacks by analyzing traffic, and blocks threats before they reach your sensitive resources.
Composed of on-demand and easily configurable functionalities such as: detection of protocol anomalies, management of IPS probes and a DDOS preventive approach, the protection base embeds more than 15,000 rules used in more than 7,500 signatures. 
Every week, one hundred rules are updated or created, and new Zero Day" threats are identified and blocked.


The Cloud Firewall's integrated antivirus is a complete solution to eliminate a wide spectrum of attacks and malicious activity including viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, botnets, grayware and adware. It uses dual detection based on both signature-based and heuristic analysis algorithms(analysis of a program's supposed behaviour to determine whether or not it is a virus).

URL and protocol filtering

Web filtering is a means of controlling the content that an Internet user is allowed to view. You manage the productivity of your employees,
You avoid network congestion. You prevent the leaking of confidential information.
You reduce the risk of exposure to threats, and you preserve the legal responsibility of your company.

Application management

Application flow recognition is based on real-time traffic analysis and mapping to a database of signatures embedded on the equipment and referencing more than 3,500 applications divided into large families to simplify and optimize your security policy.

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