Even when you don't have Internet, you still have Internet.

Even the Internet doesn't go that far.   
Because there are stillwhite zones", i.e. areas not served by the historical networks, Sewan has developed a range of alternative connectivity solutions to connect you wherever you are.
An innovative technology is available near you, and you would like to use it to benefit from the Sewan services? 
Contact us: our Backbone is designed to regularly integrate new operators and new technologies. 
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Radio signal: guaranteed symmetrical and wireless symmetrical bandwidth... and wireless

The radio signal offers a guaranteed and symmetrical throughput of 10 to 100 MB/s with a quality of service and performance equivalent to optical fiber: SRT 4h, performance guarantees in terms of jitter, latency and packet loss.
Whether licensed (Ethernet, E1, E3, STM-1, STM-4) or unlicensed (Ethernet) frequency bands, Sewan is also dealing with all administration related to the installation and the use of the radio equipment.
This offer is deployed without civil engineering works.

5GHz Point-Multi-Point (PmP): Wi-Fi boosted

The 5GHz Point-to-Multi-Point (PmP) offers guaranteed symmetrical throughput from 10 to 100 Mb/s with a quality of service and performance equivalent to optical fiber: GTR 4h, guaranteed performance in terms of jitter, latency and packet loss.
Available in several licensed frequency bands (Ethernet standard, +E1), this offer deploys without civil engineering works.

KA-SAT: satellite IP services

KA-SAT is a telecommunications satellite commissioned in September 2011 and built by Astrium for the European company Eutelsat. Its objective is to provide Internet access to territories in "white zones", offering national and European coverage (Internet: 4 or 10 Mbps download / 4 Mbps upload - Lan-to-Lan connections).


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