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Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool developed by Microsoft. This solution simplifies and promotes teamwork and allows you to communicate wherever you are, share all kinds of content, plan and organize events from a single user interface available on desktop and mobile devices.

Thanks to Teams you combine all your services into one! No more risk of losing information or wasting time searching for the platform on which a particular conversation or document is located. Teams can be used as a calendar, for file transfer, video conferencing, instant messaging and mailboxes.  

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Microsoft Teams

Stop wasting time trying to win time

With Microsoft Teams you can combine all solutions in one application. No more wasted time or productivity tracking down conversations or appointments. You save storage space by eliminating unnecessary and redundant applications. Microsoft Teams : all in one!

Not just 06s
on my team

Microsoft Teams allows you to have a dedicated phone number to make and receive national or international calls. Teams is not limited to telephony and is compatible with Skype for HD video conferencing. You can communicate publicly or privately, wherever you are, with all your employees, customers or suppliers.

wherever you are!

Late for a meeting? Start it in the car, on the train or even from home. Microsoft Teams revolutionizes collaboration: you communicate with your team members wherever you are using mobile applications on Windows, iOS and Android. 

Integration of Office applications

Microsoft Teams provides instant access to the applications SharePoint (file server),  OneNote (collaboration note-taking) or PowerBI (analysis solution). You can create and edit documents directly in the app and keep your team informed with email integration.

HD video and audio communication

Microsoft Teams consists of an HD audio and video communication function. You create audio and/or video calls very easily. In addition, each speech is enhanced by the Sewan equipment that delivers high-definition sound!

No compromise
on security

Microsoft Teams encrypts data continuously, both at rest and in transit, and includes multi-factor authentication to enhance identity protection. On-call support engineering is available for support at all times.

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Data sheet

Presence, instant messaging (1:1 and multi-party)


Permanent conversation threads


Connectivity Skype for Business


Call Microsoft Teams (voice and HD video, 1:1)


Desktop and application sharing


Meeting controls (Organizer, waiting room experience)


Improved note-taking during shared meetings OneNote


Multi-party video


Mobile Clients Microsoft Teams available on Windows 10, iOS (Apple), and Android (Google) smartphones and tablets


Microsoft Teams Web App


Meeting recording function


99.99% high-availability service