The essential tool for understanding and interpreting your call groups

Thanks to our call statistics service integrated in your advanced call groups, you can easily analyze, qualify and quantify your telephone service utilization rate and agent behavior. Interpret the results and develop your business accordingly!

Every call counts!
Missing a call is missing an opportunity. Moreover, this service allows you to maximize your response rate: the advanced stats give you a clear view on missed calls and the reasons that prevented the call from being answered. Leave nothing to chance.

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Data sheet

Quick and efficient analysis

Without even logging into your Sophia cloud platform, you can track accurate metrics on a daily basis thanks to a quick-access URL.

The hitmap, to understand everything at a glance

Thanks to ingenious colour coding, you can analyse periods of high stress and periods in which the dropout rate is falling. Easy-to-understand results that you can analyze by day, month or year. Enough to optimize your standard!

Call profiling

You can easily analyze incoming traffic and caller behavior with access to metrics on call processing times, waiting times and failure analysis.

Lead your teams to incredible stats

Challenge your agents by analyzing the time taken to pick up a call, the number of calls and the duration of the conversation... This will optimize the work of your teams. You can also analyze the causes of lost calls: was it a lack of agents? Was the waiting time too long? Or maybe the music was unpleasant?

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Data sheet

Incoming calls


  • Number of incoming calls
  • Calls answered
  • Total call duration
  • Average call duration


Call processing time
  • Calls answered in less than 10s, 30s, 60s and 120s
  • Hung-up calls in less than 10s, 30s, 60s and 120s
Unhandled calls
  • Details of missed calls
  • Detail of missed calls on closed group
  • Detail of abandoned calls
  • Detail of overflow calls
Waiting time
  • Average and maximum wait before hung up
  • Average and maximum waiting time before abandonment
Detailed view per agent
  • Calls handled
  • Pickup time
  • Average length of a call
Top callers

Ranking of the 20 most active callers by number of calls