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From the toll-free number to the premium number and... all the others...

With the Contact Experience collection network, you benefit from all telephone numbers (special numbers, geographic and virtual geographic numbers) and of course a range of international possibilities. By relying on Sewan, you are free of intermediaries and have one single partner. Direct results: you reduce your costs and you benefit from a better follow-up and easier management!

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Add value to your services and generate additional income

From your dedicated interface, you determine month by month the pricing you assign to your 070/090X number. In accordance with the BIPT reform and the current regulations, you benefit from standardised pricing levels and associated remuneration according to the call volumes and the nature of the services set up.
Every minute spent on the phone is profitable!

Manage in real time and in complete autonomy

Thanks to your interface, you are the only master on board and you manage in real time the routing of your number. You set up call routing according to your requirements: schedules, working days, company holidays, etc.

Make your reception professional

0800 numbers are no longer the prerogative of big business! Thanks to Sewan value-added numbers , If you have a telephone number, you have a unique number that you can associate with a switchboard, a call group or an interactive voice server!
An 0800 is the assurance of a professional image whatever the size of your company.

From 070 to 0909: A wide range of numbers

Do you want to set up a new service and get a value-added number? Sewan offers a wide range of bands, from the 0800 toll-free number to the premium rate number (070, 090X). 
In two clicks, it's ordered, and Sewan will take care of the rest. This number is instantly reachable and immediately offers the Free Rate Information Message, informing your contact person of the current rate.

Easy to remember numbers

Thanks to our ultra-intuitive ordering module, you have at your disposal a wide range of mnemonic, much sought-after numbers to highlight your services and make your number easy to remember for all your customers.
No one will ever forget your number again!

Number transfer and call forwarding

Do you already have your own special numbers from another provider?You wish to benefit from our services and advantageous repayments and preserve your current infrastructure?
Here's an opportunity to switch to an operator able to offer you more attractive remuneration and to accompany you in
all the administrative and technical stages of this change.

Our know-how at the service of your autonomy

Thanks to your online interface, you control the routing of your number in real time. It can be associated with a Hosted Telephony account, a Trunk or even a call group. You can also forward it at any time to the number of your choice, fixed, mobile or international. You can organise the routing of your calls to the appropriate correspondents in complete autonomy.
And every month, you receive your billing automatically, so you can collect your repayments on a regular basis!

Black number, IVR, call group: which services for your 0800?

The 0800 number is customizable and compatible with many other services. You can link it with an IVR(to personalize your greeting and route your incoming calls), groups appeal(service of automatic redistribution intelligent from all your calls), a conference bridge(personal conference number) or a black number.

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Data sheet

A wide choice of numbers
Sewan has several special number ranges, allowing you to find the ideal number to associate with your service.


Toll-free Number - The caller will not be billed

Premium Number - The caller will be charged at the defined rate, per minute or per call. For these numbers you will receive an repayment according to the applied rate.
Cost of the call from fixed networks                                   

Cost of the call from mobile networks

Easy-to-remember numbers - Sewan lets you choose a mnemonic number directly from the order interface using the Gold, Silver and Bronze options, depending on the image of your number.


  • 3 identical triplets, for example:
  • 3 serial triplets (unit), for example :
  • 3 triplets series (ten), for example :


  • 3 identical doublets, for example:
  • 3 serial doublets (unit), for example :
  • 3 doublets series (ten), for example :


  • 1 quadruple series, for example. :
  • 2 identical doublets, for example:
  • 1 triplet series (unit), for example :


  • 020 020 020
  • 020 021 022
  • 020 030 040


  • 020 24 24 24
  • 020 24 25 26
  • 020 24 34 44


  • 020 24 1234
  • 020 24 12 12
  • 020 240 333