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A large range of technologies and services to meet all needs

To connect whenever you want, wherever you are, you need connections that guarantee availability, performance and security. Because your everyday work requires a fast, easy and reliable connection via efficient solutions without having to ask yourself any questions. Choose the connection that's right for you from the widest local loop offer on the market, and Sewan will take care of everything.


Through our interconnections with local, national and international operators. By providing you with  monitoring and providing end-to-end security with multi-operator, multi-technology redundancy and core network firewalls.

You can customize all of your options in real time via your management interface Sophia which brings together all the Sewan services.

Because your Internet access deserves the connection you need.

Your connections, our solutions.

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key figures Sewan: 40,000 connections deployed
Internet access
Connect wherever you are, whenever you want, with a full range of bandwidths and technologies to meet all your everyday needs.
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A multi-site, national or international company needs guaranteed connectivity, performance and availability.
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Network security
Secure your connections and data flows
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Jean-Philippe Ribes
Product Manager Connect

Operators and connectivity technologies are constantly evolving to meet the growing demand for bandwidth and services related to new uses (cloud, real-time applications, big data etc.).
Choosing an "operator of operators" is the assurance of benefiting from the best guarantees of performance, availability and security on the market, for each of your sites.

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