Cloud DataCenter: tailor-made


The Cloud, DATArminant for your business

Every VM is unique, created and modulated by your administrator using a resource pool (CPU, RAM, Storage Capacity, Public IP Address). Based on these resources, you create your own VMs linked to your business needs. For each VM, you choose the size, the associated services and the level of SLA.

An automated solution that is fully modular and customizable from your dedicated interface, Cloud DataCenter allows you to deploy one or more virtual machine(s) in just a few minutes.
Cloud DataCenter is an on-demand infrastructure solution (IaaS) which covers all the IT needs of small and large companies.

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A cloud of freedom to manage your IT on a daily basis

Create your VMs, manage your templates, select the right backup policy for the nature of your data and apply your own security rules. Thanks to its online services portal, the Sewan Cloud DataCenter gives you a great deal of freedom in the day-to-day management of your IT. 

Ready in 5 minutes!

In 5 minutes, your complete Virtual DataCenter infrastructure is ready to use.  

Truly flexible virtual machines

Unlike most Public Cloud offerings, VM provisioning is tailored to your needs. Better than a catalog of VMs based on predefined sizes, Cloud Datacenter allows you to define the size of your VM.


Our DataCenters are all located in France.

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