The widest local loop offer in the market

For each site, the best bandwidth at the best price!

Access the Internet via a full range of speeds and technologies that meet all your needs: you connect where you want, when you want, wherever you are.
With DSL-connections to 4G via optical fiber, you benefit from guaranteed bandwidth, peak speeds, rapid deployment and connection to the customer site wherever it is.
You benefit from value-added services such as multi-operator, multi-technology redundancy, complete monitoring and proactive firewalls that you control in real time to adapt them to your needs!
The scalability of the offer guarantees you the ability to quickly integrate new operators and new technologies in order to offer you the best possible connections.

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Data sheet
VDSL is an evolution of theADSL which allows to reach download speeds of up to 100 MB/s on analog line.
SDSL is a symmetrical connection with speeds up to 20 MB/s.  SDSL meets the daily needs of businesses of all sizes.
Dedicated fiber
Dedicated fiber offers 100% guaranteed, 100% symmetrical bandwidth. This solution is scalable: in just a few clicks, you can increase your bandwidth as your business grows.

Expert talk

Jean-Philippe Ribes
Product Manager Connect

Operators and connectivity technologies are constantly evolving to meet the growing demand for bandwidth and services related to new uses (cloud, real-time applications, big data etc.).
Choosing an "operator of operators" is the assurance of benefiting from the best guarantees of performance, availability and security on the market, for each of your sites.

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