The peace of mind of a symmetrical connection

Download and upload, your guaranteed bandwidth

With the SDSL access connections, you benefit from high-speed access
up to 20 MB/s and a SRT 4H. These symmetrical speeds and this commitment to quality of service perfectly meet the daily needs of businesses (large data transfers, SaaS applications, videoconferencing, IP telephony, interconnection of remote sites, etc.). Bandwidth is guaranteed. Your applications will always run optimally. Via your business tool, you choose your operator, you order your connection and your equipment, and you benefit from a professional turnkey solution.

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Symmetrical guaranteed bandwidth

The SDSL connection bandwidth is guaranteed up to 20 MB/s symmetrically (upload = download). Like this, you can communicate and exchange your data efficiently at any time!

High availability

At Sewan you decide who your local loop operator is. To meet your availability requirements, ensure link redundancy and service continuity, you choose a second local loop operator or another Sewan technology. 
Result: thanks to our collection networks, you benefit from extended coverage over the entire territory and a highly available service.

Integrated firewall

Thanks to the cluster of firewalls in the network core, you protect your network, your data and your users. From simple rule management via port opening to intrusion detection, not forgetting URL filtering and flow   antivirus, you benefit from a complete firewalling service available in just a few clicks.

Your exchanges & communications always at the top

Quality of service is intrinsically linked to SDSL connections. Voice is prioritized, thus ensuring optimal telephony quality whatever the load of your connection. Associated with the Service Restoration Time(SRT) in 4 hours. Thus, you can rely on several hundred simultaneous communications in the best conditions.

Plug & Play

The SDSL connections can be ordered in just a few clicks and they're delivered in four to six weeks. If a router is ordered with the connection SDSLconnection, the latter is delivered, pre-configured and ready for use. A simple plugin and your connection works perfectly.

Your active and
proactive monitoring

You monitor and manage your collection in real time with your business tool: link status(Up/Down, latency, jitter, packet loss etc.), bandwidth usage, use & distribution: all the information you need! This way, you can visualize your performance indicators and have a precise analysis of your daily usage. You also benefit from the monitoring by our teams who proactively ensure the integrity of your connections.

Manage your routers
in real time on your dedicated interface

From a simple change of Wi-Fi password to port routing via NAT,
you'll be able to customize and configure your router in complete autonomy.

Active and responsive customer service

We accompany you in the use of our products. Guaranteeing a strong customer relationship, our customer service department provides you with technical expertise in case of questions or problems and provides you with the necessary support as quickly as possible.

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Data sheet

Up to 20 MB/s

Up to 20 MB/s



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All over Belgium

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Possibility of redundancy on SFR and Orange local loops


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