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This week, discoverNiProject's interview with Mathieu Nizet and Nicolas Mazy.

NiProject is a ten-strong SME based in Liège, active in all aspects of network and IT security, and accredited by the Walloon Region in cybersecurity. A long-standing partner, NiProject has accompanied the evolution of 3StarsNet - Sewan, and of course offers IP telephony. Over the years, the collaboration has evolved and NiProject has been able to turn to additional solutions such as access links(VDSL, FTTH fiber), Mobile, SIP Trunk...

NiProject, single point of contact

NiProject offers its customers complete management of their IT assets (computer, Internet line, cybersecurity, mobile subscription, etc.). Thanks to a comprehensive package covering absolutely all their IT needs, customers receive a global invoice including their telephone exchanges, telephone numbers, consumption, mobile lines and Internet access links. And that's what being a single point of contact is all about: centralizing all IT needs and services in 1!


Develop business and...

Of course, NiProject's main ambition is to continue developing the business by seeking out new customers and offering new solutions. To this end, the idea is to be able to integratea 4G backup access on all lines by 2024, which will enable a fail-over in the event of a problem on the main line, so as to have a backup line.
Proactivity is one of NiProject's many strengths, which is why a monitoring system is also coming soon. This monitoring will cover all equipment, including routers and firewalls, and will alert customers even before they realize they are down.


...pampering the customer!

With all these new products, NiProject's aim is to intensify its proximity to its customers even further, to be able to answer all their questions, support them more and more, and ultimately "take care of their IT as if we were doing it for them!


As you can see, NiProject is a company that is 100% dedicated to its customers! Thank you Mathieu and Nicolas for your feedback!

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