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The best 4G coverage in the market

Fast to deploy, easy to install and with optimal national multi-operatorcoverage for a speed comparable to fiber or ADSL. The wide range of bundles (from 1 GB to 250 GB) in "fair-use*" covers all needs, at a controlled cost. Like all our access connections, you benefit from a fixed Sewan IP address and from the full range of value-added services  by Sewan (VPN MPLSFirewall, Monitoring ).

*(reduced bandwidth out of bundle without additional costs)

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Your unlimited connections

This service responds to many challenges:
-Backup(secondary backup link of a main copper or fiber connection)
-Immediate need for connectivity(awaiting deployment of a wired connection)
- Connection of isolated sites (coverage of white areas")

Fixed IP and Value-Added Services

As with all our access connections, you benefit from a fixed Sewan IP address. You can also add additional IPs for your different sites and manage them from wherever you are via Sophia. You benefit from value-added services and can integrate a VPNMPLS, a firewall and Monitoring on all your 4G access links.


Routers on the move

Routers come pre-configured with Wi-Fi connectivity allowing a local network to be connected. Ready to use in an Internet access mode, you have control over the router via its administration interface to make the settings you want.

Router configuration

On the dedicated interface of your router, you manage the Internet part with your connection parameters, your IP addresses and track your data usage. You can rely on the included Getting Started Guide for support. However, given the simplicity of the solution, it is dispensable.

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Up to 250 GB



Fair use

Yes (reduced bandwidth out of bundle)

All over Belgium

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