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To simplify Cloud and Telecoms, we also need to be able to explain them clearly and concisely. Find the definition of the most common terms used in our business.

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Teams Telephony

Teams Telephony, the result of combining Sewan's expertise in fixed-line telephony in B2B with Microsoft's collaborative work tool, allows users to make calls and collaborate within a single tool with all their devices.

This tool makes it possible to find all the fixed telephony functionalities necessary for everyday life (visual voice mail, call management, call log, etc.) directly integrated into the Microsoft application.

To integrate an external interlocutor during a Teams meeting by calling him on his mobile phone or to remain reachable when you are on the move by receiving calls from your fixed line on your mobile, only one tool is needed, Teams Telephony.

From the dedicated interface, the user can then master the entirety of its services telephony in complete safety in a certified infrastructure by Microsoft for the use of Sewan telephony in Teams.

There are many advantages to using Teams as a telephone:
▪️ Simplify the user experience by bringing all available communication channels together in a single application
▪️ To offer a modern collaboration solution available on any type of equipment, in mobility as well as telework
▪️ Provide advanced telephony functionalities (IVR, text-to-speech, call routing etc...)
▪️ Benefit from simple and fast implementation and optimum management through the Office 365 administration portal

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