The Cloud and Telecoms glossary

To simplify Cloud and Telecoms, we also need to be able to explain them clearly and concisely. Find the definition of the most common terms used in our business.

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Hosted telephony

Also known as Cloud TelephonyCentrex or IP Centrex. It is a VoIP solution which refers to a telephone installation hosted by the operator rather than by the customer.

This solution allows companies to outsource voice over an IP network and free themselves from having to manage a PBX.

A company using hosted telephony equips its site with a router connected to an xDSL link and IP phones. Therefore, the local network must be compatible with IP telephony. An audit is preferable before implementing hosted telephony.

In addition to the technological advantages, hosted telephony allows for a reduction in investment (no more PABX) and communication costs (no more distance-related costs, as most offers are flat-rate). Generally speaking, hosted telephony allows for a better control of telephony. Previously reserved for large companies, hosted telephony is now available to VSEs and SMEs.

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