Audika and the hosting of mission-critical applications


A multi-site company requiring a high-performance logistics IS that operates uninterruptedly. Need to host its critical application in a highly available environment requiring managed services for the daily management of this application.

Solution provided:

Hosting of the platform via the Cloud Server service and provision of managed services (OS administration, database administration and backup) to ensure the availability of the application.

Audika is a hearing aid distribution group. Created in 1976, Audika today is the leading network of hearing correction centers in France.

This forerunner in hearing correction uses an intranet as a daily tool. This intranet, developed in-house by Audika teams, is a critical application that enables the company's 850 employees to manage stocks, orders, etc. If this intranet were to "go down", Audika's entire business would be severely disrupted.

Sewan provides Audika with hosting for this critical application via the Cloud Server solution in enterprise and critical environments (real-time replication on several datacenters). The intranet of the French brand is hosted in two datacenters located in France, in a secure and highly available environment. This turnkey and secure solution allows a rapid response to changes in the company's activities by guaranteeing the performance and availability of the application. Thanks to multi-operator, multi-technology redundancy, there is no risk of Audika's business being disrupted.

This technical and robust solution is based on the solidity of the infrastructure. Sewan allows Audika to take care of its business with complete peace of mind. Indeed, Sewan has been able to differentiate itself thanks to its technical expertise, but also thanks to the responsiveness of its sales, technical and managerial teams.

As a result, from the head office, which has access to the critical application at the network core, to the 432 centers located in 90 departments, Audika's intranet is accessible and functional in complete security.

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