Sewan expands its FTTO offering with Eurofiber and Colt

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Sewan expands its FTTO offering with Eurofiber and Colt

Sewan is pleased to announce the addition of two renowned partners to our Fiber solution: Eurofiber and Colt. These major players in networks and communications have strengthened the connectivity offering in your Sewan catalog.

In addition to our FTTH links (Fiber to the Home), discover our FTTO (Fiber to the Office) dedicated fiber with guaranteed symmetrical speeds of up to 1Gbps. Offer your customers optimum performance and unrivalled reliability!


Sewan partners

Why choose FTTO dedicated fiber?

Although shared fiber (FTTH) can meet the day-to-day needs of many businesses, some require superior performance and reliability.

With dedicated fiber, you benefit from a line reserved exclusively for your company, guaranteeing symmetrical upload and download speeds.

FTTO benefits :

  • Performance: High-speed Internet connection for intensive use and optimum performance for your business applications.
  • Reliability: Stable connection and guaranteed speeds ensure continuity of service, essential for your business.
  • Robustness: Robust technology in terms of throughput and recovery (4-hour SLA).

Extensive coverage

Thanks to our partners, our coverage extends not only to Belgium, but also to the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain and France.


For more information about our access links, feel free to contact us.

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