Our hosted telephony offer is strengthening and opening up to CRM.

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Our hosted telephony offer is strengthening and opening up to CRM.

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new solution to our Hosted Telephony offering: MyConnector. This new CTI solution enables you to take advantage of telephony that is fully connected to the rest of your business through the integration of more than 50 CRMs.


By adopting MyConnector, you strengthen your connectivity and bring all your teams closer together thanks to the processing and updating of CRM customer information on every call received.

Strengthening our Hosted Telephony offering

The integration of this new CTI solution will strengthen our Hosted Telephony offering as a whole. This is part of a more global positioning around business telephony.


Our business telephony offering meets all the needs of businesses of all sizes, and adapts easily to changes in usage.

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A few months ago, we presented our Doko softphone. Today, by integrating MyConnector into our Hosted Telephony offering, we can definitively connect our customers' telephony to their entire business. CRM and telephony come together to increase the number of advanced functionalities and strengthen the quality of customer relations, which can be built up call by call.

This new partnership is part of our strategy of continuous product improvement, particularly in the area of telephony. Telephony is becoming more and more strategic for our business customers, as it has become so polymorphous and so closely linked to their productivity. By constantly expanding our Hosted Telephony offering, we are giving our customers and partners the opportunity to attract even more users with an improved experience.
Cédric RittiéProduct and Marketing Director at Sewan

CRM integration: it's possible for all businesses!

The CRM integration offered by MyConnector gives companies of all sizes access to functions long reserved for the largest groups.


There are many benefits to using a CRM in a company, particularly in terms of sales performance and the quality of customer relations. Here are just a few of the statistics (source) :

  • Conversion rates can increase by up to 300% using a CRM.
  • CRM systems improve customer retention rates, resulting in profit gains of between 25% and 85%.
  • Access to improved data can reduce the sales cycle by 8-14%.
  • CRM systems have the potential to increase revenues by 29%.

Combining these positive points with integration into your telephony system can multiply the positive effects of using and managing a CRM system.

This new addition to our Hosted Telephony range reflects two key promises in Sewan's product catalogue:

  • Simplicity : deployment, getting started and then use.
  • Adaptability : of the solution, which meets the needs of businesses of all sizes, from VSEs to major groups.

💡Note : MyConnectoris based on Mondago's GO Integrator CARA solution, which has more than 7 million users worldwide.

Telephony at the service of customers

By strengthening our global Hosted Telephony offering, we are focusing on a communications channel that is essential to businesses. The MyConnector solution meets all the contact-oriented needs of professionals. Our solution adds value by offering new functionalities to the Hosted Telephony offered to date:

  • Total synchronisation of information: contact records from the CRM are accessible in MyConnector and can be edited from the interface. Updates to records are taken into account from both the CRM and MyConnector.
  • Continuous access to contact information: contact information is fed back during calls and can be taken into account and added to during the discussion with the customer. The circulation of information is therefore optimised between teams thanks to continuous updating.
  • Presence monitoring: it is possible to add up to 250 contacts visible from the interface (presence, activity, etc.) to facilitate cooperation between teams and the rapid processing of requests received by telephone.

Over 50 CRM integrations available

With MyConnector, we help to improve customer relations by creating direct and transparent connectivity with over 50 CRM integrations, including Salesforces, Dynamics, Hubspot, SAP, Zendesk and SugarCRM... This wide choice guarantees that the solution is perfectly adaptable to the different tools used by our customers and those of our Partners.

To further enhance the user experience during calls, MyConnector comes with additional features such as Microsoft Teams integration, quick access to the interface, shortcut management and customisation of certain actions depending on the associated contact.

To find out more about Sewan Hosted Telephony and find out more about MyConnector, you can now request a demo with our teams!

Find out more about MyConnector and our entire Hosted Telephony offering by booking your demo slot with our teams!


Find out more about MyConnector and our entire Hosted Telephony offering by booking your demo slot with our teams!

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