Explore the White Label by Sewan

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Explore the White Label by Sewan

For nearly 15 years, Sewan has been evolving with its community of partners. Our bet to accompany the development of our partners? The White Label! Today, we propose to explain to you in detail the ins and outs of the White Label by Sewan... The White Label by Sewan is not only a resale method. It is above all an experience for our partners, whom we support throughout our relationship: development of their business, technical support, multiple training courses, commercial diversification, marketing and HR support, etc.

In order to clarify in detail what the White Label by Sewan is, we are launching a dedicated website where you can explore the White Label galaxy: in French and in Dutch. Let's go!


1. Find out why White Label is virtuous

The White Label is aimed at all resellers of Cloud and Telecom solutions in Belgium and Europe (Spain, France, Germany). If you want to develop your business, be the manager of your customer base in order to build long-term relationships, this is an ideal organisation in comparison with brokerage, in particular.

What makes the difference with the White Label? When you think about our community of partners, we make a logical association with a virtuous circle. For a reseller, getting closer to an operator such as Sewan has many advantages. These advantages are first of all commercial: our partners can expand their catalogue of solutions and increase their prospection perimeter, while manoeuvring their commercial policy independently. This creates business opportunities with absolute transparency for end customers. 

The White Label is also a technical advantage. Particularly in terms of investment and infrastructure, since joining forces with Sewan means benefiting from all the investments already made. The partners benefit fully from the infrastructure and all the R&D developments. This is a real additional strength. The technical advantage also comes from the support provided: teams assist partners every day with their technical problems.

Finally, why the White Label by Sewan? For everything mentioned above... but also and above all for everything we bring to it that makes the difference! We could mention some of these assets here: support for business start-ups, financial advice, training programmes, customisable communication and marketing tools, and recruitment support. Choosing the White Label by Sewan means entering a complete and virtuous ecosystem.


2. On and, discover in detail the strengths of the White Label by Sewan

Discovering us through our offers and solutions is great. Discovering us by knowing everything about our partnership vision is even better! All the Sewan teams together want one thing: that each partner has the best possible entrepreneurial experience. So, page after page and video after video, we have highlighted everything that makes our partners' daily lives possible.

As you explore, you will discover all the benefits of the White Label by Sewan galaxy:

- Discover all the advantages of the recurring business model

- Develop your income

- Consolidate your business with peace of mind

- Communicate with your customers easily

- Training and development with experts

- Taking part in a common adventure

Among all these main themes, we have multiplied the types of content. Among other things, we let our business experts speak, we interviewed partners to learn more about their feedback.

Experience is the word! Visit us now on our special White Label by Sewan page.


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