Internet eligibility: a Plug & Play tool to know everything with a simple click

Which internet offers are available for a company based in the heart of Brussels or for another located in Flanders or in the Ardennes? From one city to another, from one street to another, from one building to another, the technologies available are not the same. And to help our partners propose the most suitable offer to their customers, we have launched a new white label tool: the eligibility module.  


Sewan regularly expands its access links offer to meet all the needs of its ecosystem. We are fully committed to providing every professional with the best internet connection everywhere, all the time.


ADSL, VDSL, FTTH... ? Before installing an access link on their customers' premises, our partners need to know which technology their site is eligible for. An eligibility test is then necessary!


Offer a quick and easy eligibility test


To find out in just a few clicks whether your customer's line allows him to subscribe to a fiber or DSL offer, for example, the Sewan teams have created a Plug & Play tool that is easy to install for our partners and easy to use for their customers. This new tool is offered as a white label to all our partners who can integrate it perfectly into their website, without needing any technical skills, and customize it as they wish. With this eligibility module, their customers get answers on their eligibility in a few seconds.

This total customization makes this tool a White Label asset: Sewan makes the module available to you in complete transparency for your customers. It is then up to you to make it your own!




Your customers can test their address, their landline number or their GPS coordinates and thus know which technology is available among all those available on the market (ADSL, VDSL, FTTH) and know the offers of the various operators. We have also integrated a contact form so that they can carry out their project directly with our partners.


And since simplicity is part of our DNA, as soon as we add a new access link offer to our catalog, the update of the integrated modules on our partners' sites will be automatic.


Are you interested in our white label eligibility module?

If you are already a Sewan partner, go to your Partner Space or contact your sales manager to find out how to integrate the module on your site.

If you are not yet a Sewan partner but you really want to change that, contact us without wasting a minute!