To mail it's faxed... and vice versa.


Ingenious and economical, discover dematerialized faxing

Paperless faxing is an economical and practical solution. You can manage your faxes from your e-mail account or from a web interface.
This service manages the reception as well as the transmission of faxes, you gain in efficiency and you save toners and paper.
You can send up to 250 pages per month to France.

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Who told you that was the end of the fax?

It doesn't matter where, it doesn't matter what country, you always receive your faxes! In a few clicks, you can find all the fax functionalities from your email: you can send, receive and forward your faxes to a person or a company. Dematerialization is the rebirth of the fax machine.

Express Fax

Sending faxes is simple, intuitive and fast:
three clicks are all it takes to send your documents
to one or more recipients.

Keyword: Confidentiality

Only you broadcast and receive your faxes.
Each user is assigned a
personal fax associated with his account.
Less indiscretion, more confidentiality and, above all, an end to lost documents.

Easy and fast

The dematerialized fax saves you time on
sending and receiving your documents.
This solution also saves
you money on toners, logistics and materials.