When telephony meets your data

Your workstation: an extension of your phone

You define how your computer reacts to each call. With CTI,you capitalize on your caller information and maximize your relevance in the conversation.
"Opening the customer file from your CRM" and "automatic provision of your data" are some of the features included to create a better calling experience for your caller. Click-to-call* and the monitoring of lines are also integrated.

*(Call from your user extension without dialing the number)

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More than voice-data convergence

You can set up many actions on your computer duringan incoming call: open/close a program, start a recording, switch on/off your webcamor simply run your CRM URL.

Successful integration

CTI allows for optimal interaction between telephony services provided by Sewan and external applications such as SalesForce, Sugar CRM or vTiger. The functions of the CTI are designed to integrate logically into the business application without disrupting the user's habits.

The right information about your contact person

When an incoming call is received, the customer master record containing the history of exchanges with the customer is displayed on your computer screen.
Relevance is the goal: with this feedback, you automatically get the right information about the right person at the right time. As soon as you pick up the phone, you can personalize the conversation, reducing its duration considerably.

Click, and you're calling!

Thanks to Click-to-callyou call without dialing the number. From your computer, via a third party application such as a CRM, you launch the call directly with the function« callto" integrated into your application.

Click, and you're configuring!

The parameters for launching the file feeds, launching the  CTI module and the customization of the module's appearance are done inyour online management interface. The upload of a file can be triggered according to several rules that you can set up according to your needs.

Monitoring and steering of the activity

Monitor the lines in your telephone fleet and computers equipped with CTI.
, you can consult callers on other lines, intercept calls and transfer them. You have an overview and control of all lines.

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