Every call counts

No more ringing in the void

A call group is a service that automatically and intelligently redistributes incoming calls to the members that make up the group.
Every call counts. To miss a call is to miss an opportunity. Maximizing your response rate is a critical issue. With the call group solution, you set up a routing mode: callers always speak to a suitable contact person. This way, your incoming calls are distributed in line with your organization.

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A dedicated number to optimize your response time

You create your call groups according to your needs (sales team, customer service team, etc.). Incoming calls always involve the right agents, with an optimized response time according to your organization.

Your call distribution

Choose linear distribution (parallel distribution) so that the extensions ring at the same time. Or opt for sequential ringing: the extensions will ring one after the other. Solicitation distribution makes the least solicited extensions ring. Random distribution makes the extensions ring randomly.

Your prioritized calling strategy

By directing incoming calls to one or more extensions, you maximize your response rate. By configuring your call groups as you wish according to your employees' schedules, business days or your company's working hours, you put your caller in the best possible position and provide them with a better calling experience.

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Manual control of opening and closing
Time management


Via a Geographic Number
Via a Non-Geographic Number
Via a Value AddedService (VAS) Number
Via an International DID

Member management

Sequential or parallel call distribution
Distribution according to priority, a predefined order or day's request 
Management of time delay between each agent

Queue management

Control of queue size
Action on full queue
Announcement of position to the caller

Overflow management

Definition of overflow timeout
Action on no response