To each situation its specific forward

Because missing a call is missing an opportunity 

Today, every call counts. Call forwarding is a simple and practical solution to minimize lost calls and even boost your call pickup rate. There are a number of cross-references that correspond to different needs and situations. And you, which call forwarding do you prefer? 

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Will you be absent?

Immediate forwarding: you forward your incoming calls directly to a group, voicemail or to the reception desk, for example when you are absent or on holiday.

Unable to pick up the phone?

Call forwarding on no answer: ideal for redirecting unanswered calls after "X seconds" or to an answering machine after a pre-determined number of rings. The ideal solution to redirect your calls during your lunches or meetings.

Are you busy?

Favour forwarding over a busy tone. It allows you to redirect your calls when you are already on a call or when you have activated the "Do Not Disturb" mode.

Did your connection go down?

Call forwarding on no connection: an Internet cut-off is your anguish because missing a call is missing an opportunity. With this call forwarding, you don't lose any calls in case of an access cut or an accidentally unplugged phone! Redirect the call to your mobile or to another extension.

No license needed to manage your telephony

Your company phone belongs to you. You must be able to manage your incoming calls independently. Also, we have all the tools to meet the diversity of your needs.

Phone calls everywhere, missed calls nowhere

The management of your calls is essential because each call is an opportunity! Each user independently controls the rules of his telephony. Whether it's a long period of time off or simply being away from the workstation during a meeting, all the tools are there!

The Sewan Touch

Call forwarding follows the Sewan philosophy: simple, automated and focused on usage. The setting is done on Sophia, allowing you to develop your call strategy whatever the scenario.

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