Why become a Sewan partner?

At Sewan, the premise is clear: partnership is not just about reselling our solutions. This is why we are partners, not just suppliers/resellers. A partnership has a macroscopic dimension: it encompasses the entire business model of each company. For us, this is summed up in a philosophy: Sewan 360. So why become a Sewan partner? For our cloud and telecom services offer, of course. But also for a whole range of complementary services that will transform your daily life as an entrepreneur. Here are the details!

1. Because you want to rely on the recurrent business model

Commercial contracts in the form of recurring contracts offer your company:

- More peace of mind and simplicity

- Better medium-term visibility

- The opportunity to build customer loyalty over the long term

A business model based on recurrence is synonymous with serenity. It offers you a medium-term vision and allows you to forecast both your level of activity and the profitability of your business. This is an undeniable asset for your development when your customer base is mainly made up of very small and medium-sized businesses that are constantly changing. In addition, this approach allows you to build customer loyalty. You create a lasting relationship with them and can accompany them throughout the evolution of their projects.

In addition to the economic security of this recurring model, becoming a Sewan partner also means making your daily life easier thanks to a single cloud and telecoms provider. Whether you offer one type of service, or all those available in our catalogue, you benefit from a one-stop shop. You keep all your freedom of action. As opposed to a brokerage or distribution contract, Sewan will not impose any constraints on the development of your business. The recurring model applies to all our services.

2. Because you want to develop your income

Choosing a partnership is the opportunity to give a real boost to your revenue growth:

- By diversifying your catalogue of offers

- By offering your customers new and innovative services and tools

- By optimising your time on a daily basis thanks to Sophia, the management interface for your services

Being alone, it is not easy to develop one's business in depth. Telecoms in particular are very demanding in terms of investment. Generally speaking, keeping up with technological developments in a sector as technical as the cloud and telecoms requires extensive knowledge and resources. At Sewan, 30% of the workforce is dedicated to R&D.

Choosing a partnership with Sewan means accessing solutions, additional services or tools that would have been difficult to access in a short space of time. Of course, we will support and reinforce what you already know and sell. You will thus retain your existing customers. But we will also allow you to diversify and expand your catalogue. It is an opportunity to multiply the possibilities of prospection. Thanks to the white label, you remain the full owner of your customer base.

Developing your revenues also means reducing technical, logistical and administrative constraints. To do this, we provide you, your employees and your clients with a unique management platform. Sophia is a control centre that simplifies your daily life and gives you greater autonomy. You manage your customer base, set up your offers, simplify your invoicing and personalise your interface.

3. Because you want to consolidate your business

Working in a partnership relationship allows you to strengthen yourself. You are surrounded by our teams and benefit from our technical expertise:

- You are moving forward with a Belgian market leader

- Support is provided as close to you as possible

- You rely on our technical infrastructure

Sewan has been strengthening its expertise in cloud and telecoms for almost 15 years. More than a decade of hindsight to design offers that are perfectly adapted to business needs. Adapted and always at the cutting edge of existing technologies. This experience is a guarantee of reliability that will benefit your own company and your customers.

Thanks to our complementary teams (technical, R&D, development, sales, marketing, HR and financial), everything is done to strengthen the foundations of your structure. Each Sewan partner benefits from both a technical and human partnership. The regional sales teams ensure close follow-up and a perfect knowledge of your business.

Reliability is not just a concept: one of its main technical proofs is the construction of our infrastructure. This backbone ensures the security and high availability of our solutions. Spread over 3 data centres in Europe, the backbone is interconnected by multi-rate and multi-operator links. Redundancy and security are the key advantages to highlight to your customers.

4. Because you want to be accompanied on a daily basis

Support is our way of working with you at every stage of the partnership. This support is built into Sewan's solutions on several levels:

- Technical support on a daily basis

- Support for business development

- The opportunity to train and sharpen your skills

Whether you are just setting up your own business, are new to the world of telecoms or are already an expert but want to do more, there is always an advantage to being supported. Support is one of the key words of the partnership according to Sewan. Once again, this support goes beyond the mere resale of services.

You are supported directly by our teams, by e-mail, telephone or with a ticketing tool. Technical support is there to solve your problems. The Partner Relations Department will be your best ally to help you gain autonomy and guide your partnership.

You are supported by a variety of tools: your Partner Space, Sophia, the unique management platform, Zendesk to exchange with the Support department and to open and follow up tickets in case of incidents.

In your Partner Space, you can access our training services, among others. We can also help you to improve your skills and train you free of charge. The Masterclass programme is a series of videos, divided by theme and level of expertise. Each additional piece of knowledge is an element of reassurance for your customers: you become an expert in the cloud and telecoms business.

5. Because you want to integrate a complete ecosystem

There is no shortage of cloud and telecom operators on the market. That's why we make sure we offer our partners a unique and complete experience. The Sewan ecosystem is:

- Find an additional engine for your growth

- Being part of a community

-  Benefit from our global knowledge of the life of a company

- To be proactive and listened to within this ecosystem

As you will have understood, entering into a partnership with Sewan means going beyond commercial activity. We offer you the possibility of being part of a whole, of entering a large ecosystem. We have one objective for each of our partners: to be allies in their growth. Sewan becomes an actor, with you, in your own economic and professional progress.

So why become a partner at Sewan? To join this professional and entrepreneurial adventure. To make your cloud and telecom business a breeze within a group driven by the same objectives. Make your company shine within our network of partners from now on.