Sewan: the story of a rebranding to make a difference!

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Sewan: the story of a rebranding to make a difference!

It's about time we took full advantage of the tech world we live in... A story written in 3 stages.

  • Since 2007, Sewan has become a major player in the Cloud and B2B telecoms sector in France and Europe.
  • To reflect our internal evolution, we had to adjust our image and our discourse: this new brand identity must shine a light on all Sewaners, Partners and Customers.
  • We have a mission and all the determination needed to achieve it: to simplify access to the Cloud and to Telecoms for all businesses.

We are proud to present our new identity. More than a visual overhaul, we wanted to give Sewan a new positioning. While our intrinsic mission remains unchanged, we are giving ourselves new tools to carry it out. Sewan is becoming an ecosystem in which experts and enthusiasts evolve on a daily basis: Sewaners, Partners and Customers. Here's a look back at a fundamental project that will shine through in many ways...

Making the most of a rich ecosystem...

During this global work on the brand, it was always a question of evolution rather than transformation.

The Sewan of the early days has grown considerably, but has always remained on the same course, with strong ambitions. Instinctively, our mission has been to simplify and make accessible the very best technology for businesses. Bearing this in mind, our range of services has gradually expanded to include mobile telephony, access links, firewall, Cloud, Contact Center, Microsoft, etc. Our targets have also multiplied as we have addressed key account customers through direct sales.

Sewan has grown steadily since we opened our Paris offices in a former bakery. Firstly, there has been human growth, as there are now more than 750 Sewaners to carry out each project, sharing their expertise with our Partners and Customers. There has also been our economic growth, which has enabled us to boast a very special qualification: Sewan is a scale-up that has become a centaur. This milestone was reached in 2019, when our ARR passed the €100 million mark. Finally, our growth has been achieved across borders through a strategy of external acquisitions in Europe: from Spain to Belgium, via Germany and the Netherlands more recently.

Because we were aware of the magnitude of this, we felt the need to highlight them in a different way. So we embarked on this project to redesign our brand, with the sincere desire to take a step back from our daily business to ensure that we are correctly positioned for the future.

... To make the Sewan of tomorrow shine

Much more than just an operator, we also bring value to businesses through our role as a solutions provider.

To carry out this in-depth work, we needed to take a step back and move away from our simple intuition. So we decided to enlist the help of a branding agency specialising in these recurring needs of start-ups and scale-ups. The LORD agency took on this task. For several months, we worked together, pulling all the strings, asking all the questions, imagining all the possibilities in order to give life to a Sewan brand aligned between the internal reality and the external requirements and codes of a sector that is more than ever changing.

One of the key points to unlock together was our presentation. That little phrase that can be used as a quick and concise answer when asked to explain what Sewan is. We used to present ourselves as a Cloud and Telecoms operator... a phrase that often implied a number of secondary explanations to explain its full meaning. From now on, Sewan should be presented as an ecosystem that simplifies Cloud and Telecoms for businesses. Behind this notion of ecosystem lie all the stakeholders, all the solutions and all the tools that serve our mission.

This new presentation is the result of a global repositioning. Sewan is a technology company that centralises advanced Cloud and Telecoms solutions on a single platform, Sophia. Through our network of experts and our customers, Sewan is a major player in the digitalisation of businesses. It is this foundation that will enable us to:

✓ Confirm our solid support in a Tech sector in constant motion
✓ Support our external growth policy and be identifiable in Europe
✓ Boost our employer brand to continue to progress surrounded by the best talent
✓ Let all the innovation and effervescence bubbling internally shine externally.

This is a key moment for Sewan as we chart our course for the coming years.
Alexis de GoriainoffCEO

Three strong values that unite us

As part of the major stages of this work on the Sewan brand, we also wanted to highlight a number of key values. To ensure that these values are not just words thrown around on the fly and put in place just as a matter of principle, we made sure that they corresponded as closely as possible to who we are, by talking to Sewaners, Partners and Customers.

These are three words that stood out: we carry these values in each and every one of us. In fact, they guide our ways of being as much as our ways of doing, interacting and supporting.

  • Transparency : at Sewan, we prefer to shed light rather than leave a shadow. We promote a culture of accessibility, sharing and honest communication, far removed from hierarchical silos. We make ourselves available and share information, whether positive or sensitive, with the sole aim of furthering the company's mission.

  • Proximity : at Sewan, everyone is accessible: we build close working relationships and trust each other. This positive synergy enables our teams to develop in a dynamic climate, while solid and lasting relationships are forged with our Partners.

  • Determination : at Sewan, we take nothing for granted. Always on the move and driven by a spirit of innovation, we give everything we've got, always looking to do better, never giving up. We're aware that there's still a lot of work to be done.

A story we’re writing every day

Day after day, we simplify Cloud and Telecoms by creating a complete ecosystem that meets all the needs of businesses.

✓ An accessible ecosystem that centralises all our solutions in a simple way.
✓ A scalable ecosystem that adapts to each company's specific needs.
✓ A technological ecosystem where autonomy is king thanks to automation.

All nurtured by an ingrained culture of partnership, trust and support. It is the combined expertise of all the players at the heart of our ecosystem that brings our vision to life.
It is the synergies that are created every day within our ecosystem that will shape the future of the Sewan adventure. Like Sophia, our platform that centralises all our solutions and services, we are constantly evolving to do even better and go even further.
For our partners, customers and Sewaners alike, our philosophy is to grow every day and learn even more. It's this dynamic progression that continues to be represented by our new logo.

This is where it all begins. Welcome to Sewan!

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