Improve customer satisfaction: our 5 tips for professionalizing your telephone reception

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Improve customer satisfaction: our 5 tips for professionalizing your telephone reception

It is becoming increasingly common for companies to seek to automate as many everyday tasks and processes as possible. The objective of this approach is clear: to increase productivity and reduce costs. This quest for automation concerns telephone reception in particular. And for good reason, call handling is now a major issue for a company seeking to improve its customers' experience.

Intelligent telephone answering solutions for businesses are more relevant than ever. If you haven't yet taken the plunge, let us tell you how to optimise your customers' experience with a tool that suits your needs as well as theirs. It is very important to remember that customer service, and in particular, telephone reception, is often a real showcase for a company. So make sure you deliver a high quality of customer service for a unique customer experience.

Make customer satisfaction a priority!

Is my customer service effective? If you are asking yourself this question, this article was written for you. Welcome messages and personalised menus, customer recognition, centralised reception, carefully chosen music on hold, better distribution of calls, recognition of current files, precise and efficient follow-up... Here are our 5 tips to help you set up an intelligent telephone reception system in your company under the best conditions.

Tip 1 - Switch to a 100% web-based solution

Adapt to all situations of teleworking, crisis, last minute changes, and automate certain procedures. In all circumstances, you benefit from intelligent functionalities allowing you to react quickly and in a way that is adapted to your customers' expectations. Thanks to a 100% web-based solution, your employees can take care of incoming calls, from home as well as from the office, to ensure business continuity.

With our reception numbers, intelligent call routing, configuration in a few clicks from graphic interfaces designed for all types of business and users, and finally our cloud telephony solution, improving, adapting or even rethinking your telephone reception becomes child's play. Management of call peaks, forwarding to mobile, real-time modification... Everything can be configured according to your real needs.

Tip 2 - Respond effectively to every request

To optimise the user experience, it is important that your team is responsive and skillfully directs incoming calls with a few clicks. To do this, you need as much latitude as possible to provide appropriate responses to each case.

An intelligent telephone answering solution also allows you to manage your calls independently. You can adjust the human resources according to the flow while controlling the quality of services. Your agents also benefit from greater autonomy in their daily work.

In particular, you have advanced functionalities such as call routing by skill. You are able to direct calls to the most qualified contact person in order to respond most effectively to each request.

Tip 3 - Deal with the unexpected

Your customers often need information that doesn't necessarily require talking to a member of the customer service team. But it is still important to be able to keep in touch no matter what. If your customer needs information, they should be able to get it easily and quickly. Do you agree with this?

Dynamic neural speech synthesis allows you to maintain effective communication with your customers without the need to ask for a consultant. You can warn them of unforeseen events (e.g. changes to your opening hours) to limit their waiting time. Many requests can be answered automatically and quickly. One of the big advantages of this technology is that answers are available 24 hours a day, without waiting!

For example, in the event of call peaks, you have visibility of calls on hold and can automate certain requests such as appointment cancellations.

The unexpected can also happen in your teams. Here again, you can deal with them with agility and simplicity. The management of schedules and on-call duty allows you to determine the times when you want to be reachable. You can modify these parameters at any time to deal with any last-minute changes from a number of easy-to-access/use tools.

Tip 4 - Personalise your customers' experience with your brand

The stakes for a company in terms of customer service quality are therefore considerable. With an intelligent telephone answering solution, you are able to understand each situation, the context of each call. You can then personalize the call path to better handle each request and offer your customers a unique experience.

Another significant advantage of an intelligent telephone greeting is its integration with your CRM or business tool. You can consult the history of your interactions with your customers and thus give context to your exchanges by transmitting the data collected in real time.

Number recognition, automatic ticket consultation, customer follow-up, recognition of urgent calls, dedicated advisor... Everything has been thought out so that your teams are able to respond to each request in the best conditions.

Tip 5 - Measure the effectiveness of your actions

To improve customer satisfaction, you need to be able to measure and analyse it. This is exactly what intelligent telephone reception will allow you to do. Build a call analysis grid for your reporting, easily obtain relevant metrics (percentage of missed calls, average call duration, incidents, call qualification, recordings, etc.), to detect and analyse your areas for improvement... All this can now be done very easily. And how? With a tool dedicated to customer experience.

In short, professionalizing your customer service allows you to gain in efficiency by not losing any more calls, to manage your calls intelligently, to boost your business while keeping your customers and improving your brand image!

Get closer to your customers

The solution Contact Experience solution proposed by Sewan allows you to respond to all the issues related to customer experience. It is based on four main functional blocks:

The implementation of intelligent numbers in Belgium and in the world for the reception of calls.
• Advanced inbound solutions, ranging from simple voice menus, through the implementation of real-time interactions with information systems, to the implementation of automated services.
Simple call center services designed for everyone, from a small business to a large SME, to be optimally connected to your customers and take advantage of the voice channel, fundamental in your exchanges anywhere, anytime and on any type of infrastructure.

• A 100% automated solution delivery environment for record quality and responsiveness.

To find out more, contact our experts!

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