Wifi and 4G: Enjoy the best call quality, even in white zones!

For many of us, making a call from our mobile phone is a no-brainer. No problem with network coverage or poor voice quality. But in some areas, it's not that simple. There are what we commonly call "white zones" where calling with a mobile phone is sometimes IM-PO-SSI-BLE!


Fortunately, there are now solutions to solve these problems. Your smartphone has no mobile network? Do you want to enjoy better sound quality and shorter call set-up times? Discover VoWiFi and VoLTE, which allow everyone to make calls anywhere in Belgium and enjoy the best call quality.


Sewan meets the needs of professionals

Mobile is at the heart of Sewan's development strategy. Our offer, just launched in partnership with Proximus, also includes two new functionalities linked to mobile uses: VoWiFi and VoLTE.


VoWiFi, VoLTE, what are we talking about?


Get reception even in white areas with VoWiFi


Did you say VoWiFi? This term, which may seem a bit barbaric, translates into Voice over WiFi. In short, this technology allows you to make and receive calls and SMS via the WiFi network when your mobile phone is not receiving any mobile network. This is particularly the case in white areas.

With VoWiFi, missed or inaccessible calls from areas where you were unreachable are a distant memory.


We give you an example to understand the interest of this feature?

Imagine... An accounting firm located in a rural area. Its problem? No mobile network is available. But the employees still need to communicate with their clients, suppliers, etc.

To sum up: they don't have 4G but they are connected to the Internet and can take advantage of WiFi in the company's premises. So they have the solution to keep in touch with their entire ecosystem. With VoWiFi, their mobile phone can finally become a central tool in the working day of the company members.


Improve the quality of your calls and internet usage with VoLTE


Did you know? The average time to make a call with the 3G network is 8 seconds. With 4G, this time is divided by 4! Are you starting to understand the benefits of VoLTE?

VoLTE or Voice over LTE refers to a technology that allows you to call and be called directly through your mobile operator's 4G network. VoLTE technology offers you better call quality with optimized sound and greater smoothness with 4G speed for all your uses during your calls.

Clearly, today, when you make or receive a call, all your other uses (writing an email, surfing the Internet, sending an MMS, etc.) go through 3G. Not with VoLTE. This technology allows you to benefit from the power of 4G (when you receive it of course) for your calls as well as for all your needs. When you're on the road, for example, and you need to call your customers or send an email to a partner, you can count on VoLTE to get everything done quickly!


Let mobility rhyme with productivity


VoLTE and VoWiFi technologies respond to very concrete problems encountered by a number of professionals in their daily work. Sewan's mission is to provide offers adapted to users who are increasingly mobile and seek to access their content at any time.

As simplicity is at the heart of Sewan's offerings, this logically applies to VoLTE and VoWiFi. How to take advantage of it? Nothing could be easier if you have a compatible phone. VoLTE is activated by default on the device and VoWiFi is activated in 3 clicks! 


Put mobility at the heart of your business


These new solutions complete our white label mobile offer based on the n°1 mobile network and designed to meet all the daily needs of professionals. Take advantage of our business mobile packages 4G and 5G, from 1GB to 50GB!

As you can see, in 2021, mobile is in the spotlight at Sewan. Thanks to packaged solutions that can be easily administered, we enable you to increase your daily efficiency and interactions with your ecosystem. 

To know everything about our mobile offers, don't waste another minute. Contact our experts to have all the answers to your questions!