VPN: browse the Internet and access your company's network securely

Computer security is a major issue for companies. They manage and process information that they do not wish to see disclosed on the Internet. They must therefore enable their teams, particularly when they are on the move, to exchange data without fear of being accessed by third parties or to access their local network through a secure connection.


Generally speaking, when you surf the Internet, you are on what is called a common network. Without realizing it, you leave information behind. These digital traces can be intercepted by a more or less well-intentioned third party or by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Rest assured, browsing the web without jeopardizing your security or that of your company is possible!


Access your company's intranet, browse anonymously, exchange sensitive data with employees and much more... Wondering how to do it? For several years now, one solution seems to be working well. The VPN (Virtual Private Network) has become a very fashionable tool for individuals and professionals wishing to protect their privacy on the Internet.


What are the benefits of such a solution for your company? This is what we will try to determine in this article.


There are several reasons for using
a VPN:

✅ Have secure access to your company's network
✅ Encrypt your data
✅ Ensure the security of your company's data
✅ Overcome blockages and other restrictions in mobile situations
✅ Protect your personal data

To understand what a VPN you have to imagine a secure tunnel between your device and the Internet. This technology allows you to protect your web traffic. Your IP address is masked and your data encrypted. Even your Internet service provider cannot access your browsing data.


What can you do with one VPN?


✅ Access your company network

When a company equips its employees with a VPN, it secures exchanges between teams. No sensitive information leaves its network. Wherever the company's members are, they navigate on what can be considered an extension of its local network. When employees are teleworking or on the road, for example, the VPN allows users to securely connect to the corporate network as if they were physically in the office and thus easily access files and applications located on the corporate server.


✅ Encrypt your communications

Mobility is a part of everyday life for many employees around the world. But being out of the office does not mean being cut off from the internet. Today, it is possible to surf from wifi hotspots in airports and cafes or any other public place. But how do you ensure that your passwords, emails, photos, business files, banking and sensitive data are not intercepted when you are connected via a public and unsecured network? With a VPN, of course, which allows you to encrypt information passing through the internet.


✅ Work in mobility with peace of mind

Are you often on the move? But you need to access your work emails, your files, talk to your team and often at the end of the day want to video chat with your family or relax in front of Netflix... In some parts of the world or in some places, accessing the internet or some sites can be a challenge. Unless you have the right tool. Indeed, a VPN connects your device to a server to allow you to surf the internet using the internet connection of that server. So if that server is physically in Belgium and you are in China, all your internet traffic will look like it is coming from Belgium. This means that you can access pages that are theoretically blocked where you are located and access your company's network safely.


✅ Protect your personal data

Your IP address is personal data. It is therefore logical that you do not wish to disclose it. The VPN is therefore the right solution for you. As soon as you are connected with this solution, all your data goes through a remote VPN server. In concrete terms, this means that you are assigned a different IP address for the duration of your connection, thus masking your true identity. The IP address of the server VPN is visible and not yours. The result? You can access the Internet freely.


"As you will have understood, by equipping yourself with a VPN  you can connect to your company network in a secure environment and more generally browse the Internet while limiting the risks. Thanks to the encryption of your connection and the relocation of your IP address, the VPN is a perfect solution for any company wishing to protect its local network and its users from cyber threats", concludes Jean-Philippe Ribes, Connect Product Manager at Sewan.


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