Sewan presents the 4G back-up!

The need to stay connected is essential for businesses and their employees. And, more than ever, it is essential to be able to offer your customers a flexible and immediate solution in the event of an Internet connection problem. Among the various access link solutions offered in the Sewan portfolio, the 4G back-up meets these requirements.

This article is therefore an opportunity to present this connectivity asset and the advantages of a backup 4G connection for Internet access links. You'll also discover our powerful 4G router!

1. Integrated 4G back-up at Sophia

At Sewan, we are constantly working on the evolution of our families and our products in order to offer our partners the highest quality in all our services.

Our Connect offer allows you to access the Internet via a complete range of speeds and technologies that meet all your needs: you connect where you want, when you want, wherever you are.

The 4G back-up reinforces our offer, integrated into Sophia, the heart of the Sewan ecosystem. Sophia is our unique 100% automated tool, which enables you to order products and solutions in just a few clicks, automatically invoice your customers and configure all services.

Thanks to this integration in Sophia, the 4G back-up access link can also benefit from value-added services such as fixed IP, standard and advanced Cloud Firewall features and link monitoring/supervision, as is the case for all our access links.

2. 4G router highlights

With the launch of the 4G back-up, we've expanded our range of equipment to include the Mikrotik Chateau 4Grouter, a powerful, high-performance router whose highlights include:

Visibility: the front of the 4G router is equipped with LEDs that let you know if the router is on and indicate, in real time, the 4G signal level. This feature allows you to move the router to always find the best reception quality.

Better signal: thanks to its vertical format, the Mikrotik 4G router offers great accessibility! Its rear cover allows for easy connection of external antennas, ensuring an even better signal.

Connectivity: connectivity is the essence of a router! The Mikrotik 4G Router therefore scores points: in addition to WiFi, the router has 5 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports. These ports are directly accessible from the back of the router.


Accessibility: a 4G router means a SIM card. Who says SIM card, says (often) test of dexterity and patience to put it in place or remove it! This is now solved with the Mikrotik 4G Router where the SIM card is easily accessible. The router is also compatible with SIM cards in Micro-SIM format.

As you can see, this new router has it all! 😊


3. To sum up... Why offer 4G back-up?


Between FTTH, ADSL, VDSL, there are multiple options to manage the Internet connection of companies... Especially if we add to this list the 4G back-up links! What are the advantages and benefits of offering users a 4G back-up via the Mikrotik 4G router?


- Multi-technology automatic back-up: choosing a link that uses a different technology from our main link (e.g.FTTH) is a wise choice to ensure continuity of service to customers in the event of a prolonged failure of the main link.


- Fast and easy deployment: thanks to the integration in the Sewan ecosystem, the 4G back-up is deployed autonomously, quickly and easily via Sophia.


In short, a 4G back-up link is an agile, fast and efficient solution that has nothing to envy to other connectivity options. It is an ally to add to your catalogue, which could even bring you a benefit in the commercial relationship with your customer, and even more if it is coupled with a powerful and efficient equipment like the Mikrotik 4G Router!


Want to know more about all the possibilities offered by 4G back-up access links and our new router? Then contact us!