Sewan & Ikoula: Cloud destination!

We are proud to announce the merger of Sewan and Ikoula, Cloud pioneer with high added value hosting solutions, available all over Europe. Added value could be the key word of this acquisition. The added value of the strong expertise of Ikoula's teams, first of all. The added value, also, of the integration of a company, a team, a project of more than 20 years, driven by a value that we share: " taking care ". Taking care of our customers, taking care of our employees and taking care of the services and solutions we offer. Let's take a closer look at this merger, which only opens up prospects for success and dynamism.


1. The evidence of expertise

Over the years, Ikoula has acquired highly specialized business expertise. Today, Ikoula stands out in particular because of its 2 own data centers based in France. These 2 data centers are entirely operated by Ikoula and the infrastructure is managed by the teams there. But that's not all Ikoula is! Here are some figures to find out more:



The key word here, as you already know, is: hosting! The link-up with Ikoula was therefore an obvious choice of expertise. Expertise acquired by a team of 60 people over more than 20 years. This expertise is a wealth that Sewan will transform in the best possible way:

  • - By integrating all this expertise within the Sewan teams
  • - Increasing the development of hosting solutions alongside the Cloud Data Center
  • - Adding new, more complete and simpler solutions to our ecosystem to serve all companies and end users
  • - By guaranteeing ever greater security and proximity, in particular via these 2 data centers located in France
  • - Accelerating the deployment of cloud solutions to our customers in Europe

With this new stage for Sewan, the philosophy remains the same: simplicity. Our expertise and resources are evolving to serve our Partners. We are happy to be able to allow this new acceleration and to guarantee an ever more complete service.


2. Human evidence

While we are more than happy for Ikoula's teams to integrate, develop and deepen their expertise with us, the merger of Sewan and Ikoula is also an obvious move on a human level. Why is it obvious? Because Ikoula claims "We host with care". This is something that all the Sewan teams can relate to. Taking care has always been our credo. Our convictions are aligned and this can only be a good sign! We look forward to welcoming the Ikoula teams.


Among the other values we share, there is also the desire for support and proximity. The ability to create trusting and lasting relationships, which give meaning to innovative solutions and services. Added to this is the sense of customer service and quality of service that motivates both the Sewan and Ikoula teams. Our aim? That all these common points linked to human resources are the cement of a successful and beneficial partnership! Everything will be done to ensure that this is the case.

On the occasion of this news, Alexis de Goriainoff speaks about the integration of Ikoula and its teams in the Sewan ecosystem and all the great prospects that are emerging. English subtitles available clicking on "Parameters".

All in all, this merger between Sewan and Ikoula promises to bring many opportunities. This is an important acquisition for Sewan, which at the same time demonstrates its constant dynamism in the Cloud and Telecom sector. Always moreexpertise, always morehuman, always moreinnovation, always more relationship. This is a programme that we are looking forward to sharing with our teams and our Partners.