Sewan Belgium launches Cloud Firewall, a 100% automated security solution for SMEs & VSEs

Sewan, a European player in telecoms and cloud services, intends to revolutionise security management in VSEs and SMEs by providing advanced firewall features at very competitive prices. This solution, launched in collaboration with Fortinet, can be accessed in just three clicks and is distinguished by its simplicity of deployment, without the need for equipment or on-site intervention.


Cyber attacks, Trojans, intrusions, spyware... cybercrime is a real and constant threat to businesses. The acceleration of teleworking has increased this threat and cybercriminals are using employees' personal computers to penetrate the company network. " 60% of Belgian companies have already been hacked at one time or another and almost 30% expect to be hacked in the near future," says cyber security expert Yves Schellekens (Agoria).

While multinationals and large groups are protected, smaller structures are not always able to ensure their security. The reasons? Security solutions that are too expensive and complex to manage in terms of administration, technology and human resources.


Cloud Firewall, a solution to secure the network, data and users

Based on high-availability performance-oriented Fortinet cluster, Sewan has built the Cloud Firewall offering, a complete integrated security solution!  It is the first 100% automated firewall offer in the cloud on the market.

To distribute it, Sewan operates under white label and relies on its national network of partners. These partners target businesses with a human and geographical proximity that is unrivalled in the BtoB telecoms market. They also share their expertise in the security of small and medium-sized businesses. With Cloud Firewall, Sewan enables its partners to distribute a new generation firewall solution at very competitive prices.

Cloud Firewall is easy to use: firstly, it is easy to deploy because it does not require on-site installation. It is also easy to manage because it is linked to Sophia, the single interface that allows partners to manage all of their customers' services in real time.


Next-generation security features finally available to small organisations

The Cloud Firewall takes into account all the basic features of firewalling (Session Firewall, Proxy, NAT, Remote Access IPSEC and SSL) but also integrates advanced "new generation" features: anti-intrusion, flow antivirus, URL filtering, protocol filtering and application control. Installed in the core network, this solution makes it possible to secure the data, the user and the network. It applies to all Sewan access links without degrading performance.

" Cloud Firewall allows small and medium-sized companies to benefit from advanced firewalling features usually reserved for large companies. The idea was to keep Sewan's DNA by providing a simple, automated and white-label solution through our partners. Our goal: to make next-generation security accessible to everyone," says Jean-Philippe Ribes, Product Manager of the Connecter family.