Progressive Web App: technology for partner experience

Expert opinion

Matthias Neuvialle, Product Manager Voice


When a new partner joins Sewan, we usually say that they are entering the Sewan ecosystem. What does this mean? The idea that by choosing white label marketing, this new partner has access to a wide range of cloud and telecom solutions, which meet all the business needs of its end customers. All Sewan services are managed by our partners from Sophia, our unique management interface. The myselfcare.be interface is dedicated to the management of corporate telephony, both fixed and mobile.

The white label is a virtuous business model for Sewan's partners. Indeed, it guarantees a complete transparency of Sewan in the partner's daily activity. There is no interference and the end customer does not know Sewan. Thus, the partner develops its own activity, but always accompanied and supported by Sewan's solutions and teams. In order to accentuate this autonomy, Sewan's teams offer a set of complementary tools that can be fully customised. The implementation of the PWA is the most recent example.

1. What is the PWA?

PWA is the acronym for Progressive Web App. It is a technology developed by Google that allows a website to be optimised to the format of a mobile application. This application can be downloaded from a web browser on a computer or mobile phone. Why bet on the PWA? It's simple, PWA comes with its own set of advantages and improvements:

• Better user comfort: more fluid and responsive navigation

More convenient and accessible: installation from a web browser on desktop and mobile

Immediate update: real-time integration of changes, no need to republish on a store


In fact, the PWA is the perfect hybrid between a mobile application and a web application. It takes the best of both solutions. This diagram illustrates this idea:

Source : https://web.dev/what-are-pwas/

2. Extending the PWA experience for the benefit of partners

Sewan has chosen to integrate the PWA technology into its flagship platform for the management of professional telephony (fixed and mobile): myselfcare.be.

As part of its white label strategy, Sewan has made this application fully customisable. Thus, Sewan partners can offer their customers a platform in their own colours. Among the possible customisations, we find :

The logo and the colours of the interface

The interface header

The creation of a personalised page

Adding documents

The ability to show or hide headings


Sewan's additional technical effort comes from the possibility to personalise the domain name. The partner is therefore free to use the domain name that suits him for myselfcare.be. How can this be done?

To do this, the customer simply needs to make a CNAME of the desired domain name to the myselfcare.be VM and then set it up in the myselfcare.be admin. The platform automatically generates the SSL certificate.

Thanks to this additional possibility of customisation, we were able to go even further with the PWA in order to offer total freedom to partners. If we zoom in technically, the PWA needs 2 files: a Service Worker and a Web Manifest. Sewan's technical teams have therefore set up a dynamic management of the Web Manifest according to the domain names.


This technical enhancement provides an additional level of customization for partners:

Customisation of the icon displayed on desktop or mobile

Customisation of the application name

Offering ever more innovative and efficient tools is a strong desire of Sewan for its partners. The integration of the Progressive Web App is perfectly in line with this and opens a whole range of possibilities to its users.